A Gitcoin Experience

A Gitcoin Experience (First Update)

I’ve been in crypto for around three years, learning and experiencing, actually i’m helping from my championship in Nacion Bankless subDAO from BanklessDAO, in the backend i’m a Medical Doctor and a Rheumatologist, in other frontend i’m co founder of Ethereum Mexico, Admin in Espacio Cripto Community, a learner of Graph Advocates, NounsDAO, HumanDAO, PushDAO, ArbitrumDAO and Optimism Collective, i’m really interested in public goods, and now i’m working in inception of BanklessDeSci.

When i was in my first stpes i really didn’t understand what was all this crypto adventure that i want to lead, but when we got the first help from NounsamigosDAO and understood public goods and the real impact of our IRL contributions, i’ve decided to move forward and deprecate the tokenization of our subDAO and looking how we can make a real impact.

When we were selected from Meta Pool to be grantees in their Gitcoin Round we also applied for the core round, and we declared that there are no conflicts of interest and also that our acceptance was from the community and up to the Gitcoin Round organizers. And finally we had a great trip, and a wonderful experience: A Gitcoin Experience. And i belive something that @claudioac said, we need to see that you are working, not just say that you are working. Even that we use on chain products, sometimes all the off chain background doesn’t look as amazing.

Now it’s time to talk about our little but always consensus made proposal inside a subDAO and why we take some time to update and report what we are doing. We are continuing the conversation for this post from here: Retrospective of the LATAM Round and next steps for Meta Pool DAO

The funds were received in October 08, you can review our multisig

And the first thing that we did it’s to distribute everything for the work in a RPGF manner, twitter spaces, YouTube Channel Chilling, tweets, newsletter, and everything that we did in those two weeks, and obviously to complement the salaries of all our contributors. This is our notion page with all the division and analysis to get the payment out:

When this was divided, we went through the ratification, in soft voting for the distribution of the incentives between the committee, treasury and the other members of the subDAO.

With this, we are going to use 30% of our treasury to be converted to GTC token to participate in future governance decisions and 33% of our funds received in the GTC Meta Pool Round to be staked for a total of 300 days. Since we are a Public Good and we can’t have revenue we are going to distribute all the grant between the people that was interested and committed to the staking platform and for the time.

What we were doing:

1.- We made this NFT for the Optimis Round and RPGF2, but also to measure how many people was coming to our events and was happy to share their wallets and receive this experiment and also comes with a little surprise that we are going to update later.


We now are Meta Pool grantees, and we were committed to make four different activities to help the knowledge but we want to go further, so we decided to have a banner, and introduction to our videos.

a.- The Banner:

We already published 34 Newsletter with the banner:

Post title Post date and time Audience Email deliveries Email opens Open Rate
Uranio Tokenizado: Una nueva clase de activos para una nueva era Oct 21 2023, 12:00pm Everyone 322 122 27%
Aplicaciones de IA para NFT :framed_picture: Oct 21 2023, 8:01am Everyone 319 97 23%
Primeros pasos con Meta Pool Oct 20 2023, 6:00pm Everyone 321 129 27%
DeSci se vuelve Bankless Estado de las DAO Oct 20 2023, 8:05am Everyone 321 121 25%
Avatares de NFTs y VRM :robot:. Oct 19 2023, 7:00pm Everyone 322 138 26%
Bienes Públicos en Web3: Más Allá de las Criptomonedas Oct 19 2023, 12:00pm Everyone 322 132 25%
Stellar se prepara para una transformación fundamental con Contratos Inteligentes Oct 18 2023, 2:28pm Everyone 333 143 25%
¿Puede Farcaster hacer realidad Crypto Social? Oct 17 2023, 7:00pm Everyone 320 136 27%
Brouhaha de Bitcoin Oct 16 2023, 10:47pm Everyone 323 144 27%
Tether colabora con 31 Agencias para bloquear financiamiento de Terrorismo en Israel y Ucrania Oct 16 2023, 4:30pm Everyone 336 150 29%
Inversionistas de Bitcoin experimentan pérdidas millonarias Oct 16 2023, 12:59pm Everyone 329 162 27%
Lo nuevo en Gitcoin Oct 16 2023, 10:16am Everyone 328 143 28%
GM Nación Bankles Oct 16 2023, 7:01am Everyone 336 133 27%
Web3 puede resolver la crisis de los piratas informáticos Oct 15 2023, 7:00pm Everyone 324 154 28%
Oasis, juego Onchain de Starknet Oct 15 2023, 12:00pm Everyone 325 145 27%
Comprender y mejorar la funcionalidad de tlBANK Resumen semanal de BanklessDAO Oct 15 2023, 8:12am Everyone 322 150 26%
La opinión de David: es la temporada de vampiros Oct 14 2023, 7:01am Everyone 325 161 30%
¿Qué son los Bienes Públicos ? Oct 13 2023, 5:00pm Everyone 324 150 29%
¿Es extraño todavía? Revisión de las capas 2 Oct 13 2023, 7:43am Everyone 324 145 29%
Diseño de incentivos: Un viaje al pensamiento sistémico Oct 12 2023, 7:00pm Everyone 322 185 31%
Inflación en EE. UU. persiste y afecta al peso mexicano, mientras la Fed mantiene su tono restrictivo Oct 12 2023, 5:43pm Everyone 334 140 26%
JPMorgan lanza plataforma de tokenización en alianza con BlackRock y Barclays Oct 11 2023, 6:08pm Everyone 332 158 25%
Binance bajo la lupa en Brasil: Comité del Congreso recomienda acusaciones contra ejecutivos Oct 11 2023, 3:02pm Everyone 335 150 26%
¿Soñó Satoshi con los NFT? :face_in_clouds: Oct 11 2023, 12:00pm Everyone 322 164 30%
GM Nación Bankles Oct 11 2023, 8:01am Everyone 333 159 28%
Fidelity destaca las ventajas de Bitcoin en su último informe Oct 10 2023, 5:30pm Everyone 337 149 27%
El inversionista Paul Tudor Jones aboga por Bitcoin y Oro en medio de la crisis geopolítica Oct 10 2023, 4:28pm Everyone 337 153 28%
Primeros pasos con Diva Liquid Stake Oct 10 2023, 10:39am Everyone 325 162 30%
BitVM, el protocolo que podría cambiar el juego de los contratos inteligentes en Bitcoin Oct 09 2023, 7:25pm Everyone 336 177 33%
Un modelo mental para comprender DeSci Estado de las DAO Oct 09 2023, 8:35am Everyone 328 156 30%
GM Nación Bankles Oct 09 2023, 7:00am Everyone 335 435 28%
Los estudiantes son la clave para la adopción masiva de las criptomonedas Oct 08 2023, 6:00pm Everyone 327 196 32%
¿Son ETH y BTC todo lo que necesitas? Oct 07 2023, 4:00pm Everyone 327 197 34%
La batalla silenciosa que amenaza Ethereum Oct 07 2023, 8:53am Everyone 325 208 32%

b,. The intro:


Fecha Link Tiempo
10/oct/2023 https://youtu.be/h8ukbMAJ5xM?si=aRXtGyzuX0FPUQNX 00:08

3.- Two dedicated Newsletter:

a.- La batalla silenciosa que amenaza Ethereum

b.- Primeros pasos con Meta Pool

We are living our first weeks. And we are very happy to continue contributing and helping the Gitcoin Grant Ecosystem since the Meta Pool inception. And in linie with this inception, we encourage all our patents to try to make noise in the forum and raise the opportunities for Latam for the next rounds. In the Governance aspect and also in innovation and transparency.

We have some other pending things, a webinar and also a IRL event in Mexico city in the next. You can review or DeWork to see on chain proof of work =)


Thanks for sharing these updates and transparency reports. Great way to kick off a Grantee communication thread.

This is so exciting to see from grantees! This is the ReFi way IMO.

Huge props on reporting grant distribution for your contributors and using onchain activity to capture your impact. Have you consider using Hypercerts for this as well?

Overall thrilled to see your increased participation in the community!


Thanks for sharing. Great to see such detailed updates


Throughly transparent, great work, thank you!


hi there! We wished to apply for the GG19 Ethereum Infrastructure round. It is by invitation only. Please could you assist us and let us know where to get it from?


Yes of course, we are going to ask in your behalf.


Fantastic work @CryptoReuMD

Your dedication to crypto and community building is truly inspiring. The transparency and commitment shown in this update reflects the passion and hard work you’ve put into your journey. Keep pushing boundaries and making impactful contributions!


Thank for your words friend, just learning from the best

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