Retrospective of the LATAM Round and next steps for Meta Pool DAO

Supporting LATAM through proactive funding.

It has been 8 weeks since we announced the first Gitcoin Round focusing in Latin America through the support of Meta Pool DAO. Our goal is to support projects that are working in creating an impact in local regions throughout emerging markets.

We are firm believers that blockchain technology can drive impact in any part of the world and when we launched staking on Ethereum we found the opportunity to showcase how to put staking at the forefront of impact. Putting Ethereum stakers front and center, driving this impact by supporting our liquid staking platform through our commitment to put the first 2000 ETH delegated by stakers and put the protocol fees to good use through allocating it on Gitcoin Rounds.

Now 14 projects from Latin America are working in educating folks into why staking is important to keep the Ethereum blockchain decentralized and leveraging its staking rewards fee mechanism to onboard them into becoming sovereign individuals.

These are two important characteristics that will allow for mass adoption for decentralized protocols and blockchain technology - censorship resistance and retention of value creation.

Staking can increase crypto adoption.

It is key that we allow individuals to become sovereign and to retain most of the value that they created online. Staking is a mechanism that can easily explain both of them, with just a simple process where users delegate their Proof of Stake assets.

Latin America is still at a very early stage and it has suffered from a lot of negative media coverage, making it very difficult to onboard new users due to fear of being fooled by bad actors in the ecosystem. Pushing forward educational content and putting real faces behind the initiatives is important to rebuild the thrust again in blockchain projects.

This can be done in a safe environment surrounded by their local community through educational initiatives, this will allow onboarding to become an experience that anyone can be able to replicate and become familiar with staking.

The 14 grantees are forming a community that allows anyone to become familiar with blockchain technology and its benefits for the individual as well as the whole collective. So they can understand how they are driving impact from local activities into a regional and then global ecosystem.

We are seeing how Kairos Research wants to become the leading source for data and statistics around crypto adoption in the region and they are not alone in this work, we also have DeFinomics Labs who are working in creating educational materials that can easily explains the core concepts around Decentralised Finance to individuals in our own native language which is spanish; with unique focus on why crypto is important in order to spark the next 10 year of growth in the the region.

Blockchain with a focus on the environment.

It is not just DeFi that can help users understand the impact of what crypto brings to the masses, it is how this technology can become a source of support for what is one of the key challenges for the next century - protecting our environment and resources.

There are several projects like ReFi Medellin, Green Digital Guardians and Terra who are putting forward activities that not only teaches users what blockchain technology is but more importantly that it can become a source of impact for their local environment.

When you grab these two concepts: environment and crypto, it allows groups of individuals to have goals that can have a clear overlapping impact in a local region. Making it easier for anyone to understand the uses cases of blockchain technology.

That is why it is important for them to drive education efforts that can bring both worlds into activities that communities can replicate to empower individuals and other local communities to adopt them.

We are bullish on what teams can achieve with some funding and clear objectives in educating their communities.

Meta Pool DAO is committed to continue supporting initiatives in emerging markets, now with a focus on the builders!

GR19 here we come!


Awesome friend.
i love this intiative that encourage LATAM builders to create the most decentralized ecosystem and ethereum aligned system, if we rise our hands to the public goods it’s going to be easer and we are going to have a stronger army to beat all moloch traps.
Super cool approach to the community and we are very greatful for the help that you bring to us and the opportunity to grow.


Thanks for sharing @claudioac. This has been a fruitful experiment in regional public goods funding. The grantees have demonstrated lots of interest and made great contributions to meet Meta Pools goals with this round. We’re excited to continue working with you to meet your goals.


Thank you Claudio - I think the more we can create projects that connect education with adoption, the greater impact we will have. We look froward to measuring the impact of this initiative.


Thanks for sharing your recap & reflections @claudioac! Really excited to have the LatAm round back for GG19 and I also want to give @carlosjmelgar a shoutout for doing a great job supporting this on the Gitcoin side :slightly_smiling_face:


Great work @claudioac putting this budget for this amazing round hopefully will be the first one of a lot coming.

From Medellin and the whole country of Colombia :colombia: we think adoption in Latam is gone take the leadership due to the circumstances of the region.

Looking forward to contribute more with MetaPool team :raised_hands:


Thanks @claudioac, this is a good way to onboard people into crypto space, by giving them education how to find the good investment platform like Meta Pool with doxxed team will give them confident to invest. keep going to build, Claudio and Team :+1:


In just 8 weeks, our first Gitcoin Round for Latin America, backed by Meta Pool DAO, is making waves. We’re empowering 14 inspiring projects in the region, from educating about staking to championing blockchain’s environmental potential. :earth_africa::muscle: Let’s keep the momentum going as we head to GR19! :rocket: #BlockchainImpact #LatamTech


Muy bien!!! a sido de gran ayuda para Fundación Salva Terra. :blush:


Friends, we published our First report: A Gitcoin Experience I hope that anyone can join and make their owns =) as @carlosjmelgar already said. Time to transparency and more activity.


Education is the first pillar of every initiative/revolution. Thanks @claudioac for taking the initiative to empower people via education. Looking forward for all the exciting opportunities this proposal will unlock. :muscle:


I am very happy that protocols like Meta Pool really add value to the community, funding projects of common benefit, particularly I am in the ReFi sector promoting reforestation and caring for nature. And I just have to say thank you so much for supporting us.


Knowledge is power. Nothing better than using wisdom for the adoption of new technologies, to provide solutions to real problems in our current reality.
Excellent proposals and put into action.


Support for projects and ventures in the region is essential to drive growth and innovation in the blockchain industry. The opportunities that are being created thanks to the collaboration with Meta Pool DAO are invaluable and are helping to strengthen the cryptocurrency and decentralized technology ecosystem in Latin America. Congratulations to everyone involved in these initiatives and to Gitcoin, Meta Pool DAO and @claudioac for their commitment to the development of the region.