Supporting Gitcoin Grants 19 - helping builders create permissionless dApps

Hello everyone! It has been a few months since we supported the Gitcoin Round 18 Summer Round.

It was a great experience and we want to keep supporting the Gitcoin community and builders on a global scale, we started with an experiment to support Latin America educational initiatives around staking and liquid staking on Ethereum.

Did a small retrospective on our LATAM round and we look forward to support educational efforts through the Meta Pool DAO.

This time we want to support builders that have already protocols and projects running on mainnet with a few months under their belt and are interested in experimenting with new technology being built by NEAR Protocol called the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

So we have partnered with Proximity Labs and have committed 30,000 DAI to support teams that want to build on top of the BOS SDK.

We believe that a critical part of building censorship resistant applications is through the decentralization of the frontend. Smart contract allow us to create an abstraction layer that can allow access to them from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

For those of us that have been brought up in regions where access to systems that create value are custody by gatekeepers, this is a game changer. I believe experimentations is crucial step into building the necessary knowledge to push the potential of decentralised technology.

Looking forward to keep supporting builders all around the globe and pitch in our grain of sand into making permissionless and censorhsip resistant applications a common source of value for crypto users all over the globe.

Make sure to be on the look out for our Community Round :smiley:


It was a nice achievement, and lets support the GG19 and bring the bright future in crypto projects through this Grant


The Latin American’s optic for construction is really interesting. Some of the things that for other parts of the world are not as relevant as gas fees are vital for us.

It has been nice to see that communities like Open Web Academy have contributed to building tools (widgets) that allow interaction in Arbitrum through BOS with mpETH. This is the tip of the iceberg of the potential that Latin America can take and this time thanks to Meta Pool.

This is just the beginning. I’m sure with this new Gitcoin Grants, we will come up with more amazing tools and impacts. It is also important to highlight the educational participation of Definomic Labs , Bankless Nation and mxweb3, among others.


The fact that the benefiting projects use BOS seems like an excellent decision to me. This allows the project interfaces to be much more fluid and understandable for the user. On the other hand, I currently see the benefits of the support of the Gitcoin Grant 18 to Definomic Labs. This project is providing us with educational material and boot camps completely free regarding technical terms on blockchain and web3 technology.

Thank you Gitcoin and Meta Pool for providing value to the community. :smiley:


this is inspiring and highly commendable.