2022 Roadmap & 2022 Goals

Hello everyone,

Wow, its already 2022! I’d love to start a thread for us to coordinate our 2022 goals across the workstreams in the DAO.

If successful, I may put together an infographic that shows the DAO’s roadmap. And I think it would be really great if each workstream knew what each other one was targeting for 2022.

cc @DisruptionJoe @ceresstation @kyle @phutchins @fred @krrisis @kyle


Moonshot Collective tentative/proposed 2022 goals:

  1. support dGrants into making QF forkable AF, supporting a goal of having dGrants running in 24 instances across the DAO-iverse.
  2. Innovating in how we coordinate/pay ourselves.
  3. Productizing those innovations from (2) into other workstreams + other DAOs.

Here are some proposed 2022 goals from the Gitcoin Holdings side of things. Note that these are only proposals at this point + are subject to change. We welcome your feedback

A proposed product vision for 2022:

  1. Narrow version: What does the Wordpress of public goods funding look like? How might we enable 100s of organizations to do quadratic funding easily like Wordpress enabled 100s of people to become ploggers?
  2. Less narrow version: What would a suite of tools that coordinate DAOs look like?. As the Internet of Jobs becomes real, what are the most important innovations in how knowledge workers will allocate resources, coordinate, hire/fire, and make progress on their visions in a DAO native world?

Proposed OKRs for H1 2022:

Objective 1: More Scale:

  • Increase the number of Grants that raise >$5k/quarter by 50%
  • Increase the number of high quality hackathon submissions by 50%

Objective 2: More Decentralization:

  • 2 implementations of ($1k GMV each) dGrants forks (horizontal scale)
  • Ensure each instance of Grants has a shared registry of grants so that we can migrate a grant from cGrants to dGrants once, for all Grants.
  • Release a generally available MVP of a shared registry of Sybil information and collect feedback
  • Evaluation, roadmap planning for how might we merge Grants in H2 2022
  • Evaluation, roadmap planning for how might we evolve our Hack/Bounties platform

Sharing a first crack at grants objectives - full grants 2022 OKR & planning doc here.

I’d like to get community involvement in fleshing these out. Please comment on the doc if you have input, and DM me if you’d like to attend the 2022 Grants Planning session - to discuss OKRs & 2022 round dates - scheduled for Friday, Jan 14th @ 1:30pm MST.

The idea is that these goals would roll up into the PGF objectives (which we’re still working through), which would then roll up into Holdings/DAO-wide objectives @owocki outlined above.

Tentative/proposed H1 2022 grants goals

  1. Scale: Grow grants program
  2. Decentralization: Continue to decentralize grants
  3. Scalability: Set ourselves up to execute Gitcoin Grants on a much larger scale

Full doc


Hi Annika,

I would like to have one more perspective for the goals,

user experience for the grants. (maybe it is hard to measure, but definitely we need to improve with engineering team together)

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These are some of the goals for the DAOops Workstream as outlined by @kyle in our budget proposal.

  1. Continue combining DAO / Gitcoin Holdings meetings and calendars to ensure we have one contiguous experience.
  2. Continue to advance regulatory considerations at both the DAO level and the workstream level
  3. Establish to bolster recruitment, onboarding, member growth, and retainment
  4. Continue to champion accounting best practices and templates to assist workstreams with budgeting, accounting and bookkeeping.
  5. Support CSDO with implementation of ratified items (like Discord changes, Notion changes, etc.)
  6. Continue to improve the Stewards experience and engagement levels
  7. Grow and combine our User Support efforts to ensure protocol users are well supported
  8. Finalize open community experience tasks like Notion, Discord, Sobol, etc.
  9. Open source much of this workstream’s work so that we may act as a guide for other DAOs

More detailed objectives per initiative can be found here.

The Goal of user support in 2022

I have a dream for Gitcoin User Support (it is on Discord now) by the end of 2022.

– First User support is not only for our end user, but also support the contributors like recruiment, onboarding, growth, retainment etc.

  • It is permissionless for joining Gitcoin support team (it is permissioned now)
  • Everyone could do the support in their free time.
  • Once their support reaches a pre-defined threshold, they will get rewarded.

In order to best service Gitcoin user, we not only need the Discord support, but also the great content (from knowledge base or user guides), so

  • Build a rich (Support) knowledge base (rather than Knowledge Base - Gitcoin Support)
  • Encourage the community to contribute to the knowledge base
  • Contributors will get rewarded for their efforts.

Please leave your thoughts about the support.

any idea around when we’d like to officially announce GR13? or is that to be figured out on the 1/14th call? asking for DAO twitter : ) thx.

GR13: 3/9/2022 => 3/24/2022

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+100 on these, in terms of some of the other OKRs we’ll be formalizing, check out our objectives in the Q1 PGF budget

One key thing I want to note as others think about their OKRs: our highest order objective is to increase the GMV of Gitcoin Grants and related public goods funding mechanisms so that we can sustain the web3 ecosystem. There are many ways to accomplish this, but I’d encourage everyone to go through their objectives and ask “How does this help us more effectively build and fund public goods?”

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FDD will be holding our Q1 strategy sessions between 1/12 - 1/17. I don’t want to post the goals before our collaborative decision making process. First, to not “lead the witness” in deciding our path. Second, to not create confusion if what I think of first were to change.

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Sean from MMM here. We’re running a series of planning sessions right now. Current thinking is to have four key themes that are something like this with specific objectives and key results for each:

  1. Build the growth machine
  2. Build a leading web3 brand
  3. Support DAO workstreams
  4. MMM workstream health
    We plan to gather feedback on a full draft by EOW and finalize them by end of next week!

Hello! Sean from MMM here again! Thank you to those who provided feedback and support, we’ve now arrived at our objectives and key results for the upcoming season 13.

One quick note: we’re aware that some other workstreams are doing half-yearly goals, but we’re using quarterly goals for now in order to reevaluate our impact on a slightly more frequent cadence while we’re in our fledgling days and getting into our rhythm.

MMM Objective 1 Build Gitcoin’s lean, mean web3 marketing machine
KR1.1 - Drive 150k sessions to gitcoin.co through email channel (up 183% QoQ)
KR1.2 - Drive 295k sessions from organic traffic to gitcoin.co (up 30% QoQ)
KR1.3 - Drive 1.8 million profile visits to Twitter (up 25% QoQ)
KR1.4 - Create a tracking framework to enable experiment, refine, learn approach for marketing campaigns
MMM Objective 2 Shape and grow a leading web3 brand
KR2.1 - Develop and publish brand perceptions to focus marketing campaign content & Brand Guide to ensure our visual & written content is consistent across all marketing and brand design
KR2.2 - Create pilot co-marketing project as foundation for future partnerships
KR2.3 - Launch “Can Devs Do Something” meetup in 5 cities with at least 150 participants & create a forkable program that allows community to host their own decentralized global meetups
KR2.4 - Shape Gitcoin’s external perception & grow our global media presence
MMM Objective 3 Support GitcoinDAO & workstream initiatives
KR3.1 - Expand connections and collaborations with workstreams, and ensure every workstream has a designated marketing point of contact
KR3.2 - Establish a streamlined request process and ensure the following SLA is met: reply within 3 business days and 80% of projects delivered on-time, 90% on budget
KR3.3 - Host and promote community-building virtual events such as weekly contributor meetups, happy hours, memepalooza, etc
KR3.4 - Create and promote digest of key DAO activities to increase stakeholder understanding & engagement
MMM Objective 4 Grow & support team health and accountability
KR4.1 - Recruit at least 3 top contributors - core and project-based. Ensure clear process for posting & completing work and prompt contributor compensation
KR4.2 - Propose, refine and gain approval for 2022 Q1 marketing plan including budget, OKRs and project plan
KR4.3 - All core contributors create & publish accountabilities, and receive regular performance feedback from peers and workstream leads
KR4.4 - Empower contributors to start and lead grassroots initiatives with minimal ongoing management
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Thanks for sharing the updates as regards the MMM Objectives.

The meet up in 5 cities, is it withing the US for now or something like Denver in US, Beijing in China, Lagos in Nigeria, London in UK and Bangalore in India?