2022 Roadmap & 2022 Goals

I assembled the 2022 workstream plans into a strategy management system I built to address the coordination challenges of DAOs. Check out a video of the result here: https://omnistrat.com

This is great! Are there metrics around current grants raised = avg $/quarter etc.?

yes checkout $52.5m in Results | Gitcoin


Thanks, QoQ growth is insane :smile: :+1:t3:

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thought id just quickly show off the (work in progress) work that octavian has done so far on this.

wed welcome input into what format would help convey the roadmap to the world.

i was thinking something like this might be a good way to display what were up to. i think the simplicity of it is powerful: (note: the milestones in the image are just for illustrative purposes, not a promise of any outcome)

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I have seen that format used by other projects in the past. I like it and support using it here. I especially like the ability to add new rows as they appear and how the time can be stretched horizontally if a precise time is unknown.
Trying to remember where I saw it…will share here if I can find it.

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interesting to see how The Graph is organizing their development as they decentralize.

esp this graphic that shows contributors => working group => outcome

This picture of the Graph is almost exactly the way FDD is structured.

Put FDD where “Data & APIs” is

Replace Working group with “Top Level Goals”. These include Sybil Defense, Grants Eligibility, and sustainability.

Under each of these are the outcomes they have agreed to execute on. If you dig deeper, you will also see that these outcome squads each develop their own 90 day okrs for each season as well. See more on our FDD Weekly Update slides.

More interesting to me is on the left where their diagram shows “Contributors”. (Somewhat confusing with the way we use the term for GitcoinDAO.)

For FDD, the input to the system has an extra layer here that is similar to the inputs they list as “contributors”. This is the FDD multisig. It adds a layer of input and protection for the DAO. It helps to convey information and protect resources

The FDD multisig comprised of individuals who represent our stakeholders.

Some represent the other working groups we connect with the most. Our “customers” in a Jobs To Be Done model.
(Grants Ops = Annika, Support = Bob)

Some represent deep subject matter expertise.
(Angela / Token Engeneering Academy, Michael Zargham / Blockscience, Adam Stallard / BrightID)

Lastly some to represent the contributors: Armand & Myself.

I guess it is time to write up a post on the FDD emerging structure!

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Here is a video (Omnistrat - down and dirty DAO demo - YouTube) of Gitcoin’s 2022 Goals laid out in an interactive visualization.

I used Gitcoin’s goals as a demo of a prototype for a DAO coordination tooling project I’m working on. This project isn’t ready for public use, though. Still gathering feedback.

P.S. I posted earlier in the thread on this but had the wrong link.