The Gitcoin Anti-Sybil Flywheel

There is a large opportunity to promote sybil resistence in the web3 ecosystem that I believe that Gitcoin is uniquely positioned to help with.

Why this matters

By promoting sybil resistence (sockpuppet account resistence), we could move the ecosystem from 1-person-1-vote or 1-cpu-1-vote systems to 1-human-1-vote systems. This unlocks

  • quadratic funding
  • quadratic voting
  • Gini coefficient measurements
  • UBI
  • one-person-one-vote DAOs
  • data collectives
  • sybil resistant airdrops
  • & other use cases we haven’t discovered yet!

How can Gitcoin help

Gitcoin Grants is the largest Quadratic Funding application in the web3 space.

The primary goal of Gitcoin Grants is to fund public goods. But if you look at it from a certain angle, because Gitcoin Grants requires sybil resistance, Gitcoin Grants is actually a giant red team / blue team exercise for battle testing Digitally Native Sybil Resistance technologies.

Gitcoin Grants processes over $5mm/quarter in funding for the web3 space, and the sybil resistance baked into your Grants experience combined with the data scale is what enables Gitcoin to help create innovations here.

The Sybil Flywheel at Gitcoin.

Altogether I think the sybil flywheel at Gitcoin looks like this:

More scale begets more mechanisms & more data, which combined with the FDD workstream’s data intelligence creates more intelligence. Governance curation creates more legitimacy that enables more scale. & the cycle repeats.

What I think is super interesting is the possibility that we could one day export the sybil resistence created on Gitcoin to the rest of the ecosystem via something like a decentralized version of Proof Of Personhood Passport - basically enabling dApps to see how sybil resistence a user is in 1 API call. Having such a tool would (1) provide more utility for GTC & (2) be a public good for the ecosystem insofar as it would allow us to easily create more 1-human-1-vote systems.


I love the diagram and listing the specific use cases this will open up. For anyone who wants to join this conversation, join us in the FDD General channel of the Discord!

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