The 300k Arbitrum Matching Fest for running rounds on Arbitrum One 💙

300k Match Pool Matching on Arbitrum

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’re providing 300k ARB in matching funds for the people/organisations that chose to run rounds on Arbitrum One! :blue_heart:

The funds will be rolled out on a first come, first serve basis.

You can Apply Here


This program will provide funding to matching pools for rounds which choose to run on Arbitrum. The goal is to further develop the Arbitrum ecosystem in a plural way by leveraging Gitcoins protocols.

Start Date: 11/1
End Date: Until funds run out
The first programs will run during GG19: 15.11-30.11

Match Level Guidance*

All rounds will be reviewed by me & round managing team. 2nd opinions and disputes by Plurality Labs. Option to have a Snapshot Vote to overturn PL decisions with a delegate sponsor.

Tier 1 - 100% match & 50k ARB max

  • Arbitrum specific criteria aligned with the strategy
  • Protocols or projects building on Arbitrum
  • Ethereum focused Infrastructure and/or Research

Tier 2 - 50% match & 50k ARB max

  • Have run a round before
    • Ethereum ecosystem protocols
    • General public goods(climate, governance, desci,etc)

Tier 3 - 25% match & 10k ARB max

  • Have not run a round before
    • Ethereum ecosystem protocols
    • General public goods (climate, governance, desci,etc)

We’re striving for a credible neutral process in the distribution of these funds, but to ensure that entities will not attempt to farm or tailor rounds just to be eligible for the extra matching that are out of scope we reserve the right to deny certain applications.

The matching funds are part of AIP3-a proposal that has the goal of creating a grant framework for Arbitrum DAO. You can read more about AIP3 and the programs here:


Loving all the work your team is putting into innovating the Community Rounds. Looking forward to contributing to the public greats that apply to this. Let me know if I can assist with anything.


Let’s make a Climate Round for Latam friend, i think that if were capable to make a proposal before, it’s time to make our first one with the team that it’s growing @jengajojo


Thank you ser! :blue_heart: We hope to be able to constantly support :robot:

If people/orgz reach out about running rounds during GG19 pls sent them our way :smiley:

This is interesting, very open to the idea :smiley:

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GP Nigeria is sponsoring a first annualImpact Summit on Dec.9th. We are to highlight impactful projects and organizations in the region. Would be great if we put up a little funding from us to be matched and run a round during this time frame then highlight the participating projects and round results during the summit. This is to be annual.


thanks @ZER8 and PL Labs!

What does % match mean in this context? Does the organization in question have to supply remaining 50 or 25% matching funds?


yes, lets organize, count on us from AgroforestDAO and GreenPill Brazil!


Yes, we are matching the funding that orgs/people already provide :slight_smile: