Schelling Point Updates!

Here is the latest news about Schelling Point. We are really excited about this year’s event!

Here is what you need to know.


IMPORTANT: We have been informed that everyone attending Schelling Point, including speakers, staff, VIPs and volunteers will need to have an ETHDenver wristband.

Just having a Schelling Point wristband will not be enough alone. You need both wristbands or just an ETHDenver wristband to get in. Hopefully this doesn’t affect you. Genuinely very sorry if this causes you any inconvenience or change of plans.

If you do not get into the main venue, you can come to the art hotel + watch the livestream there. Find each other via the telegram channel.

COVID Safety - Get there early, there will be testing on site before you get your wristband so the best move is to get yours Wednesday afternoon at the Art Hotel (aim for between 2 and 6pm if you want the Schelling Point wristband) .

Testing is available from 8am to 9pm daily as well as the general ETHDenver check in.

limited Capacity - We closed the gates on any new sign ups for Schelling Point because of capacity issues.

Please try to make it early to the venue to make sure you get in. Doors at 8, speakers are on stage at 9:15.

We will give priority to people with Schelling Point wristbands(especially before 8:30) but anyone with an ETHDenver wristband will also be able to attend.

Join the telegram group to coordinate with other attendees -

What to Expect - It’s going to be fun, lots of side events, art shows and cool stuff in town. Big name speakers early in the day. Once you have your bracelet you will need to line up at the Sports Castle to get into the event so, get there early to not miss out.

I’ve heard rumours that you might have opportunities to take the green pill while waiting in line, or online. Stay tuned.


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Did we mention that space is limited? We are hearing that a lot of people are planning to attend ETHDenver and a lot of you have signed up to attend Schelling Point. You will be able to get a special wrist band to get you in Schelling Point along with the wristband you will get for ETHDenver (which will also get you in on a first come first serve basis). Look for the Schelling point table and the rapid test centre at the Art Hotel.

Ok, let’s talk about Covid safety at Schelling Point. As you know, like it or not, Omicron will be in Denver, it’s everywhere. There are a few key things you need to know:

100% of attendees (including staff) will need to take a rapid test , on-site prior to picking up their badge for Schelling Point and ETH Denver.

The best strategy is to get your test and your conference materials THE DAY BEFORE SCHELLING POINT on Wednesday (you can get a Schelling Point wristband between 2 and 6pm).

The covid test and ETHDenver registration is open from 8am to 9pm. If you are already checked in for ETHDenver you are good to go and wont need to be tested again as long as you have your ETHDenver wristband.

We have a special POAP for anyone that gets their test and check in on Wednesday the 16th or before.

Your patience and support is much appreciated as we make this event as safe as possible for everyone.

COVID Tests are taking place in a mobile testing site at the Art Hotel not at the Sports Castle where Schelling Point and ETHDenver are taking place . So please go there first to get your test. Tests will be administered at no cost to attendees thanks to the folks from ETHDenver.

Tests will be self administered, under the supervision of medical professionals, and test results take about 10 minutes to process. After that you will be able to register and then from there head down to the SportsCastle. There will likely be a line to get in so come early to make sure you don’t miss any big speakers . FYI some of the biggest name speakers are closer to the beginning of the event on Thursday at Schelling Point.

3. The Remote Experience - If you think there is a chance you might have been exposed to COVID, or you don’t want to travel or can’t make it work with your schedule, that is ok.

Let us know if you signed up and can’t attend this year so we know how many people to expect.

This year we are going to make the remote experience more interactive and interesting with discussion on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

There will be live streams of every talk at Schelling Point and ETH Denver on Youtube and Twitch that you will be able to watch directly on the website and more opportunities to be part of the event. So stay tuned to the schelling point website.

Speaking of which, have you looked at the list of speakers recently? It’s epic, this is a turning point on the road to our solarpunk future. Or at least some really important and interesting conversations.

We will touch base again soon with more information and updates. Hit me up at or at the links below.

Looking forward to building the solar punk future together with you!


Thanks Ben! Is there a place we can find out who is speaking when?

Hey Sean! This page just went live this morning with the full agenda. Epic line up of fascinating speakers.


We’re arriving late on Wednesday. Will the Covid testing site be open all day on Thursday as well?

Thank you,

Yes it will be open until 9pm on Wednesday and then at 8am the morning of Thursday. Lots of big name speakers are on stage early and space is limited so I would suggest getting your test and registration done ASAP. Cheers.

For others, Regsitration is open starting Friday the 11th and is open every day from 8am to 9pm MT. Do please try to hit up checkin BEFORE Thursday.

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Thanks Kyle! Good reminder for folks who are in town already or will arrive before Wednesday. I will add that to the updates. Cheers.