[Proposal] - Support for Creating 3D MoonshotBots

This proposal seeks the community’s support for creating 3D versions of each MoonshotBot, and then making the files available as free downloads for MSB holders.

3D renderings can enable the bots to expand further out into the metaverse in new and emergent ways - across virtual worlds, AR/VR integrations, animation, games, 3D printing, and whatever else the community decides to build. This will enhance the visibility and value of MoonshotBots, and thus increase the incentive for new mints, which means more ETH for public goods!

Here is the prototype, designed by @TorusMatrix:

Password: publicgoods
(The copy and layout are placeholder.)

Thanks to the excellent voxel-based original design work by @thecydonian, we can create these bots in 3D while staying faithful to the 2D versions, and maintain each bot’s uniqueness, including all rarity attributes.

To be clear, these 3D versions would not be separate NFTs. They would simply be bonus offerings for MSB holders - or effectively ‘airdropped’ if you will.

Other avatar pfp projects are also moving in the direction of 3D. For example, Meebits by LarvaLabs provides .VOX files for Meebit holders. Bored Ape Yacht Club is working with an agency to do 3D renderings (source). RTFKT Studios is working on a 3D avatar project (source).

The user experience proposed for MSB would simply be 1) connect wallet, 2) get immediate access to the 3D download files for any MoonshotBot(s) owned. No gas or minting costs needed.

We would make the 3D download files available in the following formats:

  • Avatar - optimized to be used as a profile picture (square) on Twitter, Discord, OpenSea, etc.
  • Presentation - optimized for digital display frames (16:9)
  • .VOX - for 3D tools like MagicaVoxel and Blender
  • .VOX (t-pose) - optimized for ‘rigging’ so that it’s easier to animate in tools like Mixamo

There are two options for where we make these download files available to users:

  1. On the minting site (bots.moonshotcollective.space) - This would “keep everything in one place”, but would require the website maintainers to adjust the design and scripting accordingly.

  2. A new dedicated 3D website (moonshotbots.io) - We are prepared to stand up and maintain a parallel website where people can connect their wallets and get the appropriate files.

This new site would prominently link to the minting page to avoid any confusion. @joshuavial has offered to do the scripting and built a working prototype that confirms we can detect and verify the MSB #s after connecting a wallet. In the future, this site could address frequently asked questions about the 3D files, include helpful tips, etc.

We are happy with either of these options. We don’t want to create extra work for others, but understand if it’s preferred to keep the 3D downloads on the minting site for simplicity.

What we need to make this happen:

  • Your support and permission for creating this derivative work. We are excited about the idea, but only if you are too! We’re not sure exactly what IP restrictions may or may not apply, but all of our 3D work would be published in the spirit of open source and be gifted to the Moonshot Collective.

  • Access to the original artwork. We can see the completed PNG files, but it would be best if we could use the original Illustrator files, to ensure accuracy, speed, and quality.

We are not seeking any funds for this proposal. We have a clear process defined for transforming each bot into 3D, per the prototypes above. If we move forward, we will enroll help from an additional 3D designer so that Torus doesn’t get carpal tunnel. We’re open to referrals or anyone in this community who is interested in jumping in.

The design decisions would also need to be “locked” before we embark on the process of converting all 303 bots into 3D. So any feedback on the prototypes is valuable at this stage, assuming we move forward. We estimate it would take approximately 8 weeks to have everything ready for production.

To recap, we are looking for support to create 3D renderings of all 303 MoonshotBots and make the download files freely available to MSB holders. The potential benefits of this endeavor will be to enhance the value of MSBs and open up new creative possibilities, which feeds back into demand for the bots. Increased demand = more ETH for public goods.

The potential drawbacks of this project are user confusion about the link between the 2D NFTs and the 3D files, and the opportunity costs involved with dedicating energy to this.

Thanks for your time and consideration in reading this proposal. Let’s coordinate for public goods and launch MoonshotBots to the next level!

Matthew (metahands.eth)


  • For - Support for creating 3D bots and integrate on the minting site
  • For - Support for creating 3D bots and publish on standalone site
  • Against - no on creating 3D bots

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This is an awesome proposal!! It would be super exciting to continue to build out the Moonshot Bot-verse (and who knows, maybe one day get that 303rd MSB minted)! This proposal has my full support.

It is a novel idea and I can’t agree more

imo it’s a great idea to add another dimension in the MoonshotBot-universe and fully support this proposal. Stoked to hopefully be able to mess around more with this in VR/AR.

Love the work you guys have done already!

i’m supportive of doing the 3d moonshot bots.

someone on twitter asked me to comment on the following with respect to this:

  1. can we get access to the original MSB Illustrator files? that will make things faster

the gitcoin.co system has the svgs in them, but i can’t seem to be able to match the pngs we’ve got in the system to specific svgs.

that said … maybe it can be pieced together from this:

  1. people seem to favor integrating the download files on the minting site, are you guys comfortable coordinating this once we have the deliverables finished?

sorry i don’t understand the question.

  1. are we all good on copyright / no IP restrictions?

gitcoin is happy to license via the GPLv3 here => web/LICENSE at master · gitcoinco/web · GitHub

Thanks @owocki, regarding question 2… we will create 3D download files for each bot, how can we coordinate publishing them on bots.moonshotcollective.space ? i.e. how the users will get them

Thanks for the information about the original files and licensing, hoorah

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if you post an issue on their github issue board or their telegram group i think someone can help u out from that project.