[Proposal] Second Claim Window for $GTC

It has come to my attention that there are some 2,000,000 + $GTC tokens that were unclaimed during the 30 day claim window.

Some folks feel it was an unreasonably short amount of time to allow the community to claim their tokens, I’m not here to support one side or the other but I am interested in discovering the will of the community.

According to @owocki

we used an Ethereum signed message service to manage the claims, and the team didn’t want the liability of running it for more than 30 days.

So those are just facts, and now according to @ceresstation the remaining tokens have been sent to the treasury that is controlled by the existing token holders.

So the question is, do we feel that it is reasonable to open up a second claim window for eligible Gitcoin handles who missed the drop to claim their $GTC ?

I don’t want to jump into a vote right away, so I created this post to gather feedback and soft consensus before we move to snap-shot. Please add your thoughts below as we work towards a solution that best serves the interests of the community.


Hey @Yalor thanks a lot for opening up the topic.

As we already discussed in Discord I strongly believe we should open the claiming up again and put it in an indefinite timeframe. There is really no reason (imo) to limit claims in a specific time frame.

As long as we have a list of ethereum addresses and claiming amount per address I don’t see why we can’t do a “normal style” contract airdrop where each user could claim their amount from the contract.

My point of view is from someone outside of gitcoin core so I may be missing something pretty obvious that makes this impossible from a technical perspective.


Why wasn’t it a Merkle drop to begin with? Did the Gitcoin team want/expect this outcome as part of initial distribution?


Why ponder about what was done in the past, let’s focus on what we can do moving forward :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes we have control now to do whatever we want. Trying to respect original intentions because maybe you guys don’t want lazy schmucks like me that take over a month to send a single transaction. I also don’t want this to turn into a Uniswap situation with months of "what about me"s


All G, I think it’ll be a team effort. If we can solve your problem we’ll solve everyone’s.

We have extensive docs detailing who is eligible and who ain’t. We just need to get consensus from the community that this is something they support. Without a strong signal I’m not going to be able to even move forward any kind of strategy at all.

Let’s leave this topic open for discussion for one week, at which point we’ll launch a snapshot to get the actual consent of the community.


I agree that there should be considerations done to ameliorate the potential “what about me’s”.

That said, I also think there is rationale behind not just throwing the tokens into a merkel drop contract and leaving them there, largely unclaimed.

I think there should be a deadline to claim tokens. But it should likely be a significant period.

As far as exactly how long, I’d suggest just before or equivalent to the 2 year vesting period included for team and investors.

This is rather arbitrary but is a clearly significant period, and would align with other increases in future circulating supply, while also preventing a large # of the tokens from effectively being burnt.


Hi Yalor,

Thanks a lot to bring this problem on table. From what I have known, if we would like to open a second GTC claim window, maybe we also need to consider the Gitcoin account issue, like github account lock them cannot login Gitcoin (only login way).

I don’t say Gitcoin team has to add more login method, (actually I love github login) but we need to care about this situation.


I believe we should afford those who missed the first deadline a second chance at redemption. 2m+GTC tokens is alot, considering the fact that we only have abt 14m+ in claimed tokens.


I believe we should open the airdrop for a second claim, also I think I read on discord and had some person reached out that they were qualified and didn’t get a claim and if I was right they were to “send a mail confirming thier Tx history”, don’t know if there is a way to have does who have not claimed and not able to claim access a page to check for eligibility (possibly directly from the sheets).


Since the mailbox has received many reminders, they should not miss it. They did not apply for the application after 30 days, which showed that they did not pay attention to the GTC situation all the time. It is a pity that I don’t think they should try again.


Thanks Yalor for bringing this up! For those who don’t know me I work on content and comms at Gitcoin. I’m not here to signal whether or not I believe there should be a second claim period. Instead I’m hoping that while the community is discussing “if” a secondary claim period is warranted to please also consider “how" it might be administered from a technical, comms, and support perspective. As well as “who” might administer it. Beyond the technical requirements of the drop, there are ongoing security, support, and comms needs associated with it. Thanks!


I think it’s either no limit or no second claim. There is no guarantee for the majority of the remaining to be claimed during the second claim (whether another 30 days or 1 year) so “why not third” will come up again.


I have friends who couldn’t claim because of login issues. Let have a second window


Well so far I never had any trouble to login into Either GitHub or Gitcoin in 2 years.

There is many more ways we could solve this and pretty easily by the way since there is already some side layer accommodated with Gitcoin witch is for example BrightID, Twitter, Facebook, (In your Trust Section From Your Gitcoin Profile)

→ I am actually working on a project to add a second and third layer of Protection, the name was AURA but whatever I did changed it recently for IDentity since AURA is already taken since 2020 but anyway (lol)

I personally think that, 1 month was way enough to claim your airdrop, I actually did claimed my airdrop even before I did receive the email saying that I had some pending GTC to claim since I am a Regular user and I login on Gitcoin often or mostly everyday.


Yes those that hasn’t claimed should be considered please


If there is a way to help with comm as regard the second airdrop, I will be happy to help, I am sure some others will be interested in the tech


We dont have ETH addresses for everyone who has contributed on platform (some were paid via paypal/btc/celo/etc/DOT, or sometimes when an address interacted with the system way back in 2017 that private key may be lost), so the drop was account based insetad.

There is really no reason (imo) to limit claims in a specific time frame.

FWIW the ESMS (Ethereum signed message service) we ran had a private key on it that authorized any claim to proceed (there were other security measures in place but this key signing was a big part of it). When designing the initial drop, we felt that this service was inevitably a honeypot for an attacker (given the importance of this drop, we took a very paranoid approach and we designed for both external attackers and also protected against potential inside jobs) who might want to drain the contract of GTC and that shutting it down was the only way we could be sure we didnt have to cautiously guard it.

Our engineer Zac Wolff who worked on the ESMS is gonna drop a blog post with details of this system early next week I’m told.

I dont want to weigh in on whether there should be a second drop or not, just providing context on the above!


I don’t think we should give those BOTS a second time.


Objection, since Gitcoin has been given a month for users to claim it, why not claim it? Have they cared about this project? Or is it too late to claim it because of using multiple accounts which are blocked?