[PROPOSAL] Remove Ratification Requirement for Gitcoin Grants Round Results

This proposal seeks to eliminate the need for a formal snapshot vote to ratify the results after each Gitcoin Grants round. By removing this governance step, we can streamline the process and distribute matching funds more quickly to grant recipients.

The ratification vote has served an important role in maintaining transparency and community approval for past funding rounds. However, as the Gitcoin Grants program continues to mature and refine its processes, this extra governance step has become redundant and unnecessarily delays payouts. We will still publish results but won’t have to formally request the funds from the Matching Pool in order to do so.

The Gitcoin team has shown a strong commitment to transparency and fairness in fund distribution. Our upgraded methodologies and tools, such as the cluster-matching quadratic funding mechanism (COCM) and Passport’s model-based detection system, have significantly enhanced our ability to allocate funds objectively and resist sybil attacks.

By removing ratification, we can realize the following benefits:

  • Faster payouts to grant recipients after each round concludes
  • Reduced overhead and operational strain on the Gitcoin team
  • Implicit trust in Gitcoin’s processes and methodologies

We will continue to publicly disclose all relevant data, methodologies and funding calculations for each round. The community retains the ability to scrutinize results and provide feedback through regular channels.

To recap:

  • No more snapshot votes will be held to ratify grant round results
  • Gitcoin will transparently communicate funding methodologies before each round as outlined in the GG19 post
  • Comprehensive results and allocation data will still be shared after each round
  • The community can raise any concerns through normal feedback channels (this forum, Discord)

This change takes effect immediately and will be applied to upcoming GG21.


I am in support of this approach. It will help to greatly streamline the process of payouts and ultimately provide a better experience for our builders that participate in GG

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i think it’s ok to bypass the governance voting, but we are not having reports from the grantees, and it’s the only hard process that we can see before disburse the payments. How we can make a better experience for this, maybe ratification as the process is happening. I don’t see how we can manage this but could be great if we can track the results and see that we are not being exploited by bots or Sybylls.