[Proposal - Akita] Proposal to Gitcoin community from AKITA

Voute for burning. Akita need to burn this tokens.




I suggest to burning the sixty percent。


wonderful! like this proposal.


This is an interesting and thought-out proposal. Though it seems a bit one-sided. If Akita devs and investors really want Gitcoin to burn most of what it received and give 2/5 of what remains to the devs to create something of (so far) questionable utility to the open internet community, let them put some actual skin in the game in terms of:

  1. Investors contributing a matching amount to the dev team and maybe even to Gitcoin.
  2. Dev team committing (ideally via a smart contract) to contribute to Gitcoin as Akita grows via specific milestones (could be in DAI or AKITA).

The current argument of “your small stake will grow a lot if we grow a lot” is IMHO a bit weak from a project that started as a meme of a meme, is fueled largely by speculators with little interest in the open internet, and had a rug pull at that.

Not that Gitcoin has to be the go-to moral authority in the space but one could easily see VB sending his AKITA to Gitcoin to sell off as quickly as possible and kill AKITA to send a message to all other get-rich-quick memecoins. Pretty much most if not all of us in DeFi and crypto in general have been burned. Yes, it sucks. And yet, it’s made us stronger, smarter, and more discerning/knowledgable in the space. I’d even argue that every rug pull and a meme coin that doesn’t moon got me (and probably many others) to become more involved with the space as a contributor in other ways than money. So, in light of all that, I’d put the onus on AKITA’s devs and investors to prove their utility to Gitcoin and the open internet community, to make it 100% clear that “look, we will actively support your mission with at least funds right now and into the future.”


I agree with that.i want to burn.thankyou


I agree with this. I want to burn


Harbiden hepsini okudun mu kanka :joy:


awesome project to the moon keep going guys


wonderful! like this proposal.thank you gitcoin


I believe without AKITA tokens donations to Gitcoin, Gitcoin funding will continue normally. As such, Gitcoin shouldn’t focus on extracting value out of AKITA right away (in fact, AKITA current value is greatly underperforming)

Between Relic proposal (I.e. burning 95% as original intended and holding 5%) and Vitalik proposal (selling maybe 10% and locking 90% for a long term), I believe implementing Relic proposal will stir public positive sentiment towards Akita which will in turn increase its value.

Positive sentiments rules the crypto space… The effect of FUD cannot be overemphasised!!!

AKITA perform greatly without listing on major exchanges and having some advancement projects underway.

I tend to believe that with listings of AKITA on major platforms, completion and deployment of AKITA’s advancements alongside an announcement and implementation of burning AKITA token (the 95%) will be immensely beneficial to both communities.

Choosing, Announcing and taking action to actual sell some % of AKITA tokens by Gitcoin will further plummet the already plummeted value of AKITA at the very least while it can eventually lead to the death of the social experiment envisaged by AKITA current developers and holders.

Also, I also believe the sales of AKITA tokens shouldn’t be announced to avoid AKITA price crash and to maximise the recovery of stable funds from its sales.


I vote yes.like this proposal.


Well,one of nice one proposal…akita are newbie but we are know many community will support them

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I would be interested to know:

  • Should this allotment for public goods entail the creation of an Akita ecosystem fund on Gitcoin?
  • Should the allotment be sold and used as Dai, or distributed as Akita?
  • Should it be streamed? (See my proposal that includes streaming over 10 years.)

I would feel better about this proposal if, instead of splitting 2/5 for Akita and 3/5 for general public goods, the portion for Akita went through an Akita ecosystem fund on Gitcoin.

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Just burn it and that’s it! So hard and easy at the same time!


I’d love see it burnt if that will strengthen the project to a brighter future.

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Burning them makes sense. It will be for the benefit of the project.


Burning them all makes sense. It will create its value.


Yes the simplest solution is to burn it


Hi Team,

I am one of the guys working with the ghouls of based.loans, a DE-FI lending fork of Compound Finance (the largest lending protocol)

I have a more Degen idea than just burning tokens to raise value of $AKITA. Why not put all the $AKITA to work on Based Loans? It’s a Compound Finance fork, which was designed to target the Alt coin space for coins with high trading volume, high liquidity, and high number of holders.

We decided to create markets for the highest traded dog coins on ETH main chain.

Essentially the play is to Deposit $AKITA to based.loans to earn $BLO APY on $KISHU.

This will reduce selling pressure and increase the price over time.

P.S. The screenshot if from one of my personal wallets.


The Spaniard


Based Loans