Proof of Concept: Utilizing DeCartography for Plural QF, Enabling Social Identity-Based Collaboration Amidst Differences

This post pulls information directly from DeCartography’s documentation. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our document page.

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Greetings, everyone. I’m Taka, the founder of DeCartography. I’m excited to introduce the concept of Plural QF and demonstrate how DeCartography can mitigate collusion in QF. Currently, I am experimenting with Plural QF with @DisruptionJoe.

DeCartography serves as relationship computation oracles that generate social graphs.

Moreover, Plural QF is an advanced form of Quadratic Funding that uses social identity to adjust voting power based on the social distance between QF donors and contributors.

For additional information about “Plural QF,” please refer to the following resources:

As @erich pointed out in his post, collusion poses a significant threat to both QF and democracy. Defining collusion, or distinguishing it from like-minded agents, is challenging.

The next paradigm is a social identity that simplifies the quantification of collaboration across differences.

However, even with the presence of social graphs, manipulation is possible if it’s math-based. Consequently, DeCartography employs a complex system that can generate social graphs without relying on any fixed indicators or matrices, as is common with math-based systems, powered by Web3 Crowdsourcing.

DeCartography Round #1

In DeCartography, we generate social graphs through cycles of experimental rounds, which validate our hypotheses. Given the experimental nature of our work, we plan to increase the scale of these experiments gradually at regular intervals, similar to the approach of Gitcoin and Optimism’s RetroPGF.

Round 1

The first round of DeCartography is slated for the fall of 2023. In this initial round, we’ll distribute a total reward of $3,000 (in ETH) to the contributors who partake as crowd-workers in the joint demonstration experiment conducted by DeCartography and Gitcoin.

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