Nominations for GG20 Community Council

Getting the chance to witness @feems reasoning, I also think she would be a great fit!


Thank you for this, Carl. That was a beautiful, kind gesture.

Congratulations to the elected! :star:


Results are in! Congratulations to @feems @ZER8 @thedevanshmehta @azeem @mashal @wasabi @lanzdingz for being the 7 GG20 Community Council members! We are so excited to welcome you on board.

Unfortunately, @CryptoReuMD voted for himself, so we manually subtracted those votes from the tally. See results and raw data here.

Honestly, each and every one of the nominees were incredible candidates and we are so grateful for all of you who put your hand up for this!

Next steps for the council: I am going to DM you on Twitter to get connected on TG so that we can coordinate the onboarding session. Because of ETH Denver happening this week, I would like to set this up for next week.

Some reflection of this vote and process:

We heard feedback on a few different points regarding the process and vote, including using Jokerace as the platform and a barrier to entry. I will be doing a more fleshed out retrospective at the end of GG20 to see how we can further improve processes moving forward but for now I will highlight the following:

  • We understand the the minimum threshold of 50 GTC was most likely too high, so we will lower this in the future.
  • We still believe that Jokerace was a better platform to use for this as the UI is much better, and it allowed us to run the vote the way we were hoping for – we weren’t necessarily looking for incredibly high numbers of votes, but more so for high context Gitcoin community members making informed decisions. IMO we achieved this.
  • If there is general apathy for voter participation in those who hold our governance token, this is something that we will look into and try to solve for.

Of course there is always room for improvement. This is a brand new process so we will iterate in the future where needed!


Congratulations, all above 7 community council members.
It’s glad to see Gitcoin is going to more decentralized way.