Nominations for GG20 Community Council

Applicant Name: Joan

Twitter: @joanbp_dk

Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for a GG20 Community Council member position:

My professional experience and skillset is spread out between a number of different but interconnected fields: Natural and formal languages, software development, writing, publishing, psychotherapy and education.

I entered web3 fairly late, in 2022, through Kernel.

To keep it short, you could say I have a strong focus on humans and their movement alongside technology.

I would like to be part of the GG20 Community Council to help steer funds towards public goods that are actually good - psychologically, ecologically, culturally and socially - for the public.

Bits and coins should serve human creativity, diversity, out-of-the-box thinking and living, helpfulness, care, courage, sustainability, and joy - not the other way around.

Involvement in Gitcoin Grants community or prior initiatives:

My main involvement in web3, outside of Kernel, has so far been with the Optimism Collective.

My Gitcoin specific experience is limited to small scale donation to Gitcoin Grants and participation in the EasyRetroPGF training program initiated/sponsored by Gitcoin (more on this below).

Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:

I was a badgeholder (reviewer, appeals reviewer and active voter) in Optimism’s recent RPGF3 round. A detailed post on my contributions and subsequent reflections may be found here.

Currently I am taking part in the EasyRetroPGF training program, which offers me a chance to reflect deeper on various aspects of RPGF round management while passing on my experiences from RPGF3 to other course participants.

In the near future, I plan to help out as an alpha user of an AI tool that is currently being developed with the aim of supporting badgeholders/citizens in future RPGF rounds. I’m drawn to this project because it aims at leveraging the potential of LLMs in support of human understanding, control and responsibility.

On a smaller scale, I have contributed as a voter and donor in Octant’s epoch 0-2 (and counting).

Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

None that I know of. If any arise, I will flag it and abstain from voting as specified in the rules.


Applicant Name: Mashal Waqar
2. Twitter:
3. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for a GG20 Community Council member position:

I’ve been DAOing in the space for a while. Was a contributor @ BanklessDAO (heading partnereships for Bankless Publishing), Protein (Dirty Words #4 Community), RADAR (advising + futurethon), seed club (internal token model report), Gitcoin (case studies + research). I was also part of EF’s Research - Summer of Protocols

In my web2 life I’ve been a serial entrepreneur. Was COO/cofounder of a media co, have built a biz accelerator that takes female founders from early stage to revenue in 60 days, and have built a community and audience building consultancy.

I now head marketing @ Octant, and support on the governance/community side. I’m interested in becoming a council member because I’ve got a deep understanding of grants, ops, and the ecosystem at whole. My deep dives for case studies helped me understand the ins and outs of the grants rounds, while the State of Web3 grants report was one of the most comprehensive studies that broke down the workings and state of grants programs with a focus on operations, impact and evaluation, challenges and learnings. I’d love to be able to share the learnings and contribute to improving/growing GG20.

  1. Involvement in Gitcoin Grants community or prior initiatives:

I’ve done a few case studies on QF rounds for Gitcoin Grants Stack. The State of Web3 grants report + retro report I’m co-authoring are also being funded by Gitcoin. Finally, I’ve been a donor + grantee for a few rounds at this point.

  1. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:
    I’m a RARI Foundation delegate, and on the Thank ARB grant program advisory board. I’m also supporting with Octant governance (led by James/Head of Community). I operationally ran the SheFi Octant community round on Grants Stack too (set it up/reviewed apps et al).


  1. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: Octant doesn’t apply for grants funding, so I don’t anticipate any but if there’s a potential conflict between matching pool orgs I can refrain from voting.

1. Rodrigo NuñΞz :ocean::merman: :computer::coral: :microscope::seedling:

2. Twitter: @Cypherpunkfish1

3. I am a coral reef researcher focusing on decentralized science (DeSci) for biological conservation in Latin America. I’m deeply interested in public goods because of their potential to drive positive change and benefit communities on a wider scale over time. My background in conservation biology has highlighted the importance of preserving our natural systems and its impact on society, I have a Mediator (INFP-A) personality. By merging my passion for conservation biology with my interest in DeSci and web3 mechanisms, I believe I can significantly contribute to boosting infrastructure GG20 Community Council.

4 & 5. I have been involved in Gitcoin grants for MesoReefDAO since Gitcoin Beta, and with GreenPill Network (GreenPill México) since experimental Round of Q1-2023, mainly focusing in divulgation of Gitcoin Stack and Community Building mainly on Twitter, Discord and telegram communities. I have been involved in the governance forum since a few months as a Steward/Member. We have a round with some LatAm communities in terms of coordination running in arbitrum for developers. I have completed the First Grant Stack Round Manager and I am currently undergoing the EasyRetroPGF training. I am a Kernel Fellow KB8 and I have been applying for international and national academic/research/NGO grants related to coral reef conservation and socioecological impact for 8 years. I am an Optimism RetroPGF individual recipient, will boost DeSci and Regenerative initiatives in Latam this year…

6. In terms of conflict of interest: GreenPill Network and MesoReefDAO will not planning to run a round this GG20.

Thanks/Gracias for your attention and for your support .:.


Applicant Name:
Eugene Leventhal


Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for a GG20 Community Council member position:
I’m the Executive Director at Metagov and the Grant Lead at the PBS Foundation. At Metagov, I instigated the Grant Innovation Lab where we’re working on research (V2 of the State of Web3 Grants Report, a case study of 3 different retrospective funding initiatives, and an exploration of what a grant maturity scale can look like), some technical efforts (mainly focused on the grant metadata standard), and some community activities (started running a quarterly call for grant program operators as well as planning a 2 day Web3 Grant Summit at Denver - will be doing more virtually and prob at ETH CC).

In terms of why I’m interested, it boils down to the fact that I want to part of more experiments around decentralized grant operations. Grant programs require a good amount of ops to run well and there are different views across the space as to what are the ‘right’ ways to decentralize programs. I think doing progressive measures like this one are likely to both enrich the program and get the community more engaged, so it’s something I’d be happy to be part of. Gitcoin has been and is doing interesting work pertaining to granting so it’d be an honor to get to partake if I can.

Involvement in Gitcoin Grants community or prior initiatives:
First off, thanks to Gitcoin for helping me advance the research side of things. The State of Web3 Grants started as an idea almost a year ago and I posted about it was the Gitcoin forum after some stewards recommended it. Gitcoin was one of the two funders of the report, they also took in on themselves to hire a designer and make the pretty zora based version. They are also the sole funder of the 3 retro case studies (and Gitcoin Citizen’s round is one of the programs we’re covering). Gitcoin was one of the sponsors of a grant event we hosted in Istanbul in November and we’re hosting the Web3 Grant Summit at the Gitcoin House in Denver.

Metagov and DAOstar have been part of multiple Gitcoin rounds. I listed the grant community work in GG19 as a project and also did Citizen’s round #2. I also ran the Metagov Governance Research Round as part of GG19. I’ve contributed to a number of the rounds in the last few years.

Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:
I used to be on the board of two nonprofits and would support their grant reviews. I have been part of managing internal university grants and applied to large scale grants when I was working in academia in 2018-2019. When I was at SCRF, I managed an ad hoc grant program where we issued ~$150k USD in a year. At Metagov, I have been part of applying for a lot of grants (ranging from government to web2 Foundation or web3 orgs), in addition to the aforementioned activities on grants (research, standard development, and community). For the PBS Foundation, I am the grant lead for a $1m 6 month pilot, working closely with a 6 person review committee.

I have not been a formal delegate in any web3 projects.

Any anticipated conflicts of interest:
No anticipated conflicts but I will make sure to clearly communicate wherever I know folks, have involvement, or stand to financially gain in any way. Metagov won’t be running a round in GG20.


1. Applicant Name:
Shinya Mori

2. Twitter:

3. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for a GG20 Community Council member position:
I’m a member of Fracton Ventures, a team contributing to the expansion of the ecosystem centered around Ethereum through the organization of incubation programs, international conferences(DAO TOKYO), and some meetups. At Fracton, I usually work on research and development of public goods funding, impact evaluation, and governance of commons( ). I’ve been directly involved with various projects and conducted objective analyses through our incubation program and R&D, so I aim to utilize my experience and knowledge to give back to DAO, and I’d like to contribute to the public goods funding space as a council of Gitcoin DAO.

4. Involvement in Gitcoin Grants community or prior initiatives:
I have ever contributed to Gitcoin DAO as a reviewer for Japanese translated Greenpill book. And then, I founded a Japan chapter of Greenpill Network, and I publish a newsletter and host a meetup for educating public goods funding.

5. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively: I have been researching grants programs and have carried out a quantitative analysis between different grants programs, which I presented at Funding the Commons Taipei (I plan to publish this as a paper soon). As a holder of Public Nouns, I have also participated in decision-making and discussions at the drafting stage when funding proposals. And then, I try to experiment QF round using fiat by a working group spin-outed from Japanese Digital Agency. These achievements indicate that I have a deep understanding of Grants Programs. Of course, I have applied to Gitcoin Grants multiple times, so I also have participated as a recipient.

6. Any anticipated conflicts of interest:
I don’t have confricts interest.


Applicant Name: Feems
Twitter Handle: feemschats

Applicant Summary:
Currently my area of focus is on end to end Grantee experience and Holistic approach to impact evaluation and social contracts on funding distribution. I am an active DAOer for over 3 years spanning various roles, including research, operations, communications, design, and even a grantee.

This diverse experience has granted me a comprehensive understanding of the DAO ecosystem from multiple perspectives. At Plurality Labs (an Arbitrum DAO Grants Provider), I was a part of their Milestone 1 team, and had led the decentralized review campaign for the Arbitrum DAO. I have also had the experience of coaching funded grantees to ensure the communication milestones align with what is valuable to the DAO, so that they can achieve a more successful relationship and provide value to the community post funding. I have also spent my free time helping people and projects find their way into the space, I am a connector and usually great at finding where people best fit. I co-founded the DAO Governance Collective, initially focused on governance model education and practice within the ecosystem, which has evolved into a thriving community of knowledge-sharing among DAO governance practitioners.

Involvement in Gitcoin Grants Community and Other Initiatives:
My collaboration with Plurality Labs offered me the chance to engage with Gitcoin grantees during GG19 and participate in the Arb Allo Hackathon alongside the Allo team. Leading the decentralized review for the Arbitrum DAO, I was instrumental in compiling all grantees’ data into Karma Gap. In partnership with Mahesh from Karma Gap, we closely coordinated with the Gitcoin round program manager for Plurality Labs’ matching rounds and the Allo Arbitrum Hackathon team. This involvement deepened my understanding of the grantee journey from application to post-funding success, including the selection process to ensure alignment with program goals.

Prior Experience in Grants or Delegate Programs:

  • (Prev) Grant Impact Evaluation and Design at Plurality Labs (Arbitrum DAO Grant Provider)
  • Elected member of the Arbitrum Mini Grant Council (Current)
  • Manager of the Interest Protocol Delegate Program (Current)

Anticipated Conflicts of Interest:
None. I am committed to transparency in my selection criteria and will promptly disclose any potential conflicts should they arise.


Applicant Name-


Applicant summary

I AM David. Economist by profession with a background in TradFi, ardent DAOist from 2021 from BanklessDAO, banklessAfrica, GRODAO and AragonDAO, Core organiser Ethsafari 1st ETH event in Africa prepping for the 3rd Edition 2024 September. Ethsafari initiative led to spanning out SafariDAO our mission building, growing and connecting African web3 ecosystem. Last but not least Greenpill Kenya chapter Lead where we educate and inform local web3 projects, builders and communities on opportunities that arise from concepts pioneered by Gitcoin i.e Public Goods Funding, Quadratic Funding, RetroPGF etc

Involvement In Gitcoin Grants
I have dug deep since last year October on Gitcoin grants model and other public goods models/tooling, Being part of the Grants stack Manager Cohort 1 training was an eye opener and a worthy experience with the knowledge gained would love to build on. Secondly am also part of EasyRetroPGF cohort 1 training that will equip running RPGF rounds for DAOs and web3 communities.

Conflict of interest

Will 100% abstain voting for projects that i contribute as determined by the rules of engagement

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I’m a blockchain and web3 developer, being in this space for more than 2yrs, currently participating in Regen Data Bootcamp to level up my data skill for impact evaluation, and was a trainee in GP Round Manager cohort 1. I’m interested in building on-chain products to support off-chain impacts.

Prior Involvement in Gitcoin or prior initiatives
Participation in buildbox and ethglobal hackathons

Prior Experience in Grants or Delegate Programs
I’m a member of Web3Together (local web3 builders community in Cambodia), which has been initiated and applied for financial support in the RTD (Road To Devcon) grant to host our IRL events and meetup to gather and share knowledge and experience in the ecosystem with each others.

Conflicts of Interest
I would abstain from voting in any round that my project would apply to.



Thank you to everyone for your nominations! Here’s how voting is going to work:

The voting will be set up through a Jokerace contest that will run from February 21st - 25th (I will post the link here on the forum as soon as it goes live). We’re allowlisting GTC token holders who hold a minimum of 50 GTC to vote. This ensures that we are using our governance token, but that each token holder has the same amount of voting power. The minimum threshold is to mitigate any sybil/bot attacks.

I will manually upload all nominations to the Jokerace platform.

Please note: As a nominee, you may not vote for yourself. This is due to there being a direct financial incentive for you if you do vote for yourself, and this goes against our conflict of interest policy. Tagging @CoachJonathan here if anyone has questions on this.


ohhhh I was just going to submit my application :sweat_smile: Hard day today.
Good luck for all the nominees. :raised_hands:

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  1. Name: Donny_Jerri
  2. Twitter: @Jerri_nft
  3. Summary of me and my why I’m interested in applying for a GG20 Community Council member position: I am a passionate Refi and Regen that believes with all of me that public goods are good. Lending what time and brain power I possess to help in anyway possible to the mission of funding public goods would be an honor and a pleasure.
  4. Involvement in Gitcoin Grants community or prior initiatives:I have supported projects in Gitcoin rounds since GG15 through donations and social media support. Have been a grantee in citizens round 2 and GG18 & 19 in the climate solutions category
  5. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively: no particular or specific experience in this area.
  6. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: not that I am aware of currently.

Thank you!! But I’m so sorry you missed the nomination window. Nominations closed about an hour ago. Unfortunately I won’t be able to include yours.

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I just want to say that it’s so cool to see all the nominations for GG20, especially the fact that there are many new voices and people who are active in other parts of the Ethereum public goods community showing up here. :heart_hands:

To be honest, this outpouring of interest makes me want to rescind my nomination and create more space for others. (Plus, I already have some voice in the matter via my GTC delegation.)

Best of luck to all the nominees :sparkles:


The vote for GG20 Community Council is now LIVE! If you hold a minimum of 50 GTC you are eligible to vote on the Jokerace contest: Gitcoin GG20 Community Council

Voting closes on February 25 @ 11:59pm UTC


What network is it on? Someone tried on mainet and it said ineligble. Also I have 5 votes but it doesnt update to put me with the others who have votes.

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Yes all addresses that hold more than 50 GTC on Mainnet is part of the allowlist! And of course the contest takes a snapshot of token holders ahead of when the contest went live. So if you try to buy GTC now it won’t go through.

Also it helps to sometimes do a hard refresh on the page! It sometimes need a refresh to show up votes and eligible addresses.

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Also the vote in on OP, so make sure they’re voting on OP. Even if they hold GTC on Mainnet they are still eligible!


Just voted! Very hard choices since all of the candidates bring something exciting to the table.

There are three candidates that are “new” to the forum (this was tagged as their first post), but I know them from other communities and would like to vouch for them as being credible actors worthy of your consideration (in addition to all others who are more established voices on the gov forum):

  • @feems - we worked together closely through Plurality Labs (and did a greenpill ep too). She is extremely on the ball and brings a level of detail and acuity that I think this group would greatly benefit from.

  • @joanbp - is a fellow optimism RetroPGF badgeholder. I observed her to be one of the most active and thoughtful voices in the groupchat, has a very neutral perspective and shows up consistently.

  • @SHiNYA-MORi - We met at Funding the Commons in Taipei a few months ago. Shinya has a lot of really exciting ideas for bridging theory and practice, and a strong presence in a variety of public goods oriented communities.

These are not the only people you should consider. DYOR as always and vote your values. I just wanted to vouch for these three since they were flagged as “new” here but were not new to me.


We are in the final few days of the nominations! Thank you to everyone’s involvement once again. Please note the following:

Once the vote closes EOD February 25th, the team will review the results and I will make a post on Monday outlining the 7 elected council members as well as next steps. We have also received some feedback already which will be baked into a mini retro that I’ll include in the post on Monday.

If anyone voted for themselves, we will manually deduct those votes from their profile before we tally the results and announce revised results if needed.

cc: @wasabi @thedevanshmehta @ZER8 @Pfed-prog @Decentralizedceo @lanzdingz @CryptoReuMD @duckdegen @jengajojo @ASTRO-HSU


@gospelofchange @azeem @joanbp @mashal @robioreefeco @eleventh19 @SHiNYA-MORi @feems @mortech @hangleang

For those I couldn’t tag in the above post.