Next Steward Sync - Monday Feb 12 @ 17:00 UTC

This post is to inform Stewards that we are having the first sync of the year next week. This call is designed for Gitcoin Stewards - those who have self-delegated or have been delegated GTC by others.

Gitcoin Monthly Stewards Sync
Monday, February 12 · 17:00 – 18:00 UTC
Video call link:

Topic for the call: Steward Engagement Strategy Development

  • Who are Stewards for Gitcoin & each other?
  • How should we tap into our Stewards in a meaningful way?

Below is the intended agenda for the call:

  • Gitcoin Steward Top 5 (Updates)
  • Working Session Intro & Overview
  • Breakouts
  • Synthesis (as a large group)
  • Closing thoughts

Hi everyone, I wanted to do a quick recap of the aforementioned Steward Sync.

Here is the video in case you’d like to watch it:

If you are keen to get involved in Gitcoin’s governance and want to have a say in the next evolution of our Stewards program, 1) make sure to rewatch this meeting and 2) get some GTC delegated to yourself and become a Steward.

Steward Sync Top 5 Updates

We then went into a conversation about Stewards, their role and how the DAO can best use their knowledge. The notes below are my interpretation of the conversation as well as some recommendations on how to move forward.

Steward Engagement

After recapping the last session’s summary notes, several ideas were discussed:

Roles & responsibilties of Stewards

  • There is a lack of clarity around this.
  • Are Stewards providing oversight? Consultation? Advice? Decision-making? Acting as ambassadors? Surfacing emergent trends and funding opportunities? All of the above?
  • There is also a gap right now: a body of Stewards keen to support & a DAO leadership team that (at the moment) is feeling sufficiently resourced to make decisions autonomously
    • This goes back to roles & resp - are Stewards support to be directly supporting DAO leadership? Or doing something else?
  • Lots of great perspectives shared about the value or a board and how to leverage them effectively.
  • Other notable comments:
    • Paige highlighted that she sees the role of Stewards as ambassadors, facilitating intros and representing Gitcoin outside of its usual circles

Steward incentives

  • This point has been brought up several times by Stewards.
  • Stewards are often unable (and not incentivized) to pour over forum posts and proposals.
  • Kyle also discussed exploring rewarding participation in a Coordinape-style way (as opposed to monthly stipends) to incentivize specific behaviours
  • We’ll want to explore whether this is something that the DAO would like to invest in and what the benefits/costs are of doing/not doing so.
    • And if so, what methods/tools we use to explore this

Gaining Context as a Steward

  • Related to Steward incentives, this is an ongoing challenge
  • How do we get 1) the right people to get 2) the right information 3) the right amount of information at 4) the right time?
  • This resonated with several Stewards and seems to be a persistent challenge beyond just Gitcoin