Meet @thecydonian, the Artist behind MoonshotBots!

Hey everyone,

You probably saw that last week Moonshot Bots (a PFP for public goods) launched and raised $1.8mm for public goods. Decrypt covered it here => Moonshot Bots NFTs Fund Gitcoin Ethereum Grants, Raise $1.8M So Far - Decrypt

The art for moonshot bots was awesome, and probably a big reason for the success of this project!

This art was created by @thecydonian | Gitcoin - a longtime user of Gitcoin, for an April 2020 bounty we ran to create avatars for the Gitcoin Avatar Builder. Here is a link to their submission:

While @thecydonian did license their work to Gitcoin as part of the bounty, I also think that Moonshot Bots would not have been as successful without them, and it is possible that they should be given some sort of variable retroactive reward for their work.

I am surfacing this dilemma to the stewards & community to ask what to do. Should thecydonian be given some sort of retroactive reward for their work?

Their address, which they have give me permission to give to you all is 0xcC795e91bEECBe22A41834210E9104f15c1D37ac



I did try to get a MoonshotBot but it was a bit out of my budget. So I just send him a tip on Gitcoin!

The address listed in the post does not have any activities, is it the good address?


I hope @theCydonian at least has a Moonshot Bot for their work, but given the amount of funding their amazing art is bringing to public goods, they should absolutely receive a reward.

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I can confirm that address(0xcC795e91bEECBe22A41834210E9104f15c1D37ac) is correct. I generated it today for owocki so there is no activity yet.


Ah well sorry about that. I did send you a tip on your Gitcoin profile address.

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I still have access to that address too. I just wanted to provide confirmation that Owocki had the right address.

Thanks for the tip btw!

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the same reason as you, it is out of my budget to have one MSB.

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For the moment I have only bought, from minting and from the second market and this one was donated half to the gitcoin DAO.

If for some reason I sell 1 of my moonshots, I’ll donate directly to the artist, even if it’s in a couple of years.


Really great work on the art @theCydonian ! Thanks for catalyzing this important and successful project for public goods funding. Just left a tip ~ metahands


Hi @theCydonian, we are working on developing 3D versions of the MSBs based on your work. Do you happen to have the original Illustrator files - specifically for the quadratic themed ones - that we could use? That will help us stay as faithful as possible to the original designs.

Here is our full proposal: [Proposal] - Support for Creating 3D MoonshotBots

You can reach me on Twitter @ metahands or here. (I couldn’t find another way to message you.)


Sounds cool! I just have the base versions as I think the quadratic stuff came later, but here are the files I have:

on github @ /theCydonian/pixel_bot_original_files

apparently I cant share links directly

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