Introducing Wildfire - scaling governance & Fire Eye contribution

gm Gitcoin supporters, I’ve been lurking a bit and contributing where I can in the general area of governance.

I’d like to introduce Wildfire DAO - where I am lucky enough to be a core member of the public goods working group - an extension of Fire Eyes. As many of you know, Fire Eyes was created by James Waugh, Coopahtroopa, 0xLucas, and gladstonecallum, all of whom are pretty well known by many here due to their role in crypto and specifically with Gitcoin and other DAOs.

Fire Eyes :fire: _ :fire: was early in helping in the formation and growth of a number of great DAOs - including Gitcoin - ENS, and SuperRare. Fire Eyes these days supports several projects across web3. For example, Fire Eyes are governance stewards for Aave, Balancer, and Rocket Pool.

In order to scale these contributions, Wildfire DAO was created.

Wildfire DAO is a meta-governance DAO. Our approach is to connect and align community members from across the ecosystem, creating community-focused working groups to tackle token design, governance, and coordination problems in an open and collaborative manner. We aim to avoid the formation of governance silos that exist within protocols and to see the forest through the trees by acting as a diplomatic meta-governance layer between them.

For example, Wildfire DAO members are already engaged across the web3 ecosystem:
:fire: Writing proposals to participate in governance through the creation, discussion, and execution of projects with core teams.
:fire: Updating the wider Wildfire network including product updates, governance proposals, and general strategy.
:fire: Participating in community calls and project communications to ensure Wildfire is represented in all communication for a given category.
:fire: Experimenting with DAO governance within Wildfire to improve the processes used within FE and Wildfire to uncover and share useful approaches remain on the bleeding edge of experimentation. For eg - Orca Pods ftw!
:fire: Working to help design & boost promising emerging projects.

As a representative of Wildfire and a huge fan of Gitcoin, I hope to find ways to add more value to Gitcoin. We plan to contribute in a meaningful manner that provides demonstrable results and gives quality feedback. I would welcome any and all feedback and suggestions as to how to apply the experience and resources of Wildfire to help Gitcoin continue to thrive.


Thank you for introducing Wildfire DAO to Gitcoin. I was wondering who are the contributors for Wildfire DAO? My understanding is that

Would stay with Fire Eyes and Wildfire is something new?

They are the core of Wildfire and then have attracted 4 working groups so far organized into pods that each have 2-4 core operators as well as a number of rocking contributors. So FE is the core and then a DAO has formed around and amongst them.

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Could you share the other amazing contributors in WF?

How do you see Wildfire contributing to Gitcoin’s mission? What might be a good starting point?

I saw the Aave connection, perhaps you could steward our application for GTC as collateral? cc @emudoteth

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that would be fantastic if someone could help shepard that through or provide some fire eyes on it to help set us up for success! thanks for the tag @DisruptionJoe


we have a few ideas - getting eyes on them now. The application for GTC as collateral - is this related to the Tokemak effort or something else? cc @emudoteth Many many thanks for asking the question @DisruptionJoe :fire:

This effort is unrelated to the Tokemak project.

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Ahh found it: Gitcoin Treasury Diversification Update - #5 by James