Introducing Stewards Governance

.gitcoin username : @harryapakah
.ETH address : 0xb1498fA8599B1820fe06Cd7F3D1Ba2A8bDdFdF91
.Discord Handle : harryapakah96#1148
.Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining : need more knowledge about blockchain and friend.
.Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills : javascript, design , video editing, music

Gitcoin username: @markoprljic

ETH Address: 0x17E3F802e098DC5CC2a9d36e49f98b3171BBF0Cd

Statement of Intention:

I’m here to represent and promote Open Source Web3 Design and I am interested in participating in Gitcoin governance as a way to give back my decade plus experience further developing the Ethereum based and open-source ecosystem.

As much as the code is important and the developer ecosystem, so is design and the user experience of the products we’re building.

My goal is to further explore and develop open-source design in the Web3 space.


•	Entered crypto in late 2012
•	Ethereum community member since 2015
•	Early member of Aragon, DAOStack and Giveth
•	Member of Ethereum Magicians 
•	Member of Open Source Web3 Design
•	Leading design for Giveth, Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons and Panvala
•	Contributing to CLR.Fund, MetaGame, Raid Guild, DappNode
•	ConsenSys alumni
•	Love my wife and kids

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Gitcoin username: relic (@relic | Gitcoin )

ETH address: 0x98678917b74EAD58C1556c7CA2d00ABEddd43414

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: I am interested in joining Gitcoin and becoming a steward to align my community with the values of Gitcoin a bit more. I believe that bridging what was once a meme community to a defined and organized public goods initiative is vitally important. I believe in a free internet first and foremost, I believe that this community has a chance to accelerate that ideal.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have : My experience working in Web3 has been completely due to my involvement working with my team developers. I am not a developer myself, I consider myself more of a Project Manager. The best experience I have is leading a community that uses web3 and understanding what problems new users are experiencing.
I am planning to begin to learn programming concepts, not to be able to code myself but to be able to better communicate with my development team. Although I do not consider myself a programmer I would say I have a good understanding of the web3 workflow.

Personally I’m really excited to play a role in this stewardship as my experience works well with organizing groups of people and helping them drive towards defined goals.

Gitcoin is an amazing initiative and I believe this kind of funding will go a long way to securing the future of a better internet.


Hi everyone! Late submission, but am very interested in being involved.

Gitcoin Username


Eth Address


Discord handle


Statement of intention

Decentralized community funding mechanisms for public goods has always been an end goal in Ethereum and Gitcoin has led the way in innovating here.

I’ve been deeply involved with thinking through public goods funding with my role at the Ethereum Foundation and I’m excited by the opportunity to apply that thinking here.


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Gitcoin username: Antonio Sabado @asabado | Gitcoin

ETH Address: 0x46b319Be966aeDfE1d6195b4F73146748a7fC473

Discord Handle: tony_sabado#2513

Statement of Intent :
I’m interested in participating as a Gitcoin Steward because community building is my passion and I want to help Gitcoin succeed for the better good!

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have:
I have worked in the Ethereum space for 5 years. I’m currently the Head of Community at Nethermind and also Oiler Network.

Previously, I voluntarily built a blockchain developer community in London starting in 2016 from the ground up and later became the biggest community in Europe where I organized hundreds of developer-focused workshops, hackathons, deep dive sessions and hosted many Ethereum-based projects all for free to help bring new blood into the Ethereum ecosystem.

I was mentioned in the ETHGlobal Developer Survey Report — 2020 for helping hundreds of developers enter the blockchain space.

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gitcoin username: @romanapax

ETH Address: 0x29ff5a7056D91a3eF8831cE9fD3F00E70a186922

Statement of Intent: Gitcoin is an essential component of the Ethereum ecosystem, and is directly responsible for pushing the entire space forward with new applications and initiatives. This new experiment around creating a decentralized public goods organization is a grand vision that will require close collaboration among various folks in the Gitcoin community. I’d like to help contribute to this vision - and help Gitcoin create optimal meta-governance processes that can serve as strong examples for the broader crypto ecosystem.

Web3 Qualification/Skills:

  • I’ve been a longtime researcher and writer focused on governance, and now work full time on Reverie, an organization dedicated to the stewardship and development of DAOs. The topics I spend time on include meta-governance design, grants programs, treasury management, governance tooling, and more.
  • Formerly spent 3 years as a Venture Investor at Blockchain Capital, where I invested in numerous early-stage crypto projecst, many of which received funding through Gitcoin.

Gitcoin UN:

ETH Address:

  • 0x488CB7D6F7596ACcf0544913Aa9e0d0f38F315F4

Discord Handle:

  • SayWhenCrypto (Doc H) #1020

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

  • I fell in love with this market towards the end of 2020. Ever since then, I’ve been completely obsessed. The more I learn, the more interested I get!
    I believe deeply in decentralization and blockchain. I’ve decided to go all-in and do all I can to support/build-on this movement. I’m currently studying computer programming to better qualify myself to help.

    Gitcoin has interested me from the start of my journey in this new world, and I’m very excited for the opportunity to do my part in its growth!

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • I’ve loved the tech world since I was little, but chose to pursue a BBA in Entrepreneurial Management at TCU when I was 18. Looking back, I wish I would’ve focused on e-business and computer programming. I continued my formal education at UT Arlington and received my MBA in Business Management.

    Since then, I’ve built a very successful sales career while doing freelance writing and consulting on the side. I am committed to leaving a position where I have sold millions of USD in product and earned over $150,000 per year on average. My passion is now here. I don’t want to do anything but this the rest of my life.

    Although my web3 qualifications and programming experience is lacking, I am working hard to master these skills. Until then, I can apply my extensive project management, marketing, sales and writing skills to help. I have no doubt that I can be a solid asset!

I look forward to earning an opportunity to show my skills and providing my unique perspective. However, I have to admit, I’m even more excited about how much I can learn!

Thank you,
Luke B

Gitcoin Username: @lacabra

ETH Address: 0x98fE6b33eb2ecf7875B3010879bFEA9d6c4CACEC

Statement of Intention: I am currently working as Engineering and Technical Lead at the UNICEF Office of Innovation workin on Digital Public Goods, where all the work we do is obviously in the open. Following a set of recommendations from UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, we clearly articulated what defines a Digital Public Good, and we are both building a registry of digital public goods, as well as exploring various mechanisms to support those digital public goods, both technically, financially, and through on-the-ground implementations partnering with national and regional governments as they build and renew their digital infrastructure. Of course, we refer to digital public goods beyond the web3 ecosystem. It’s worth noting that we have partnered with Gitcoin in the past already exploring how our respective workstreams overlap, so I am keen to continue this joint exploration.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills: Prior to my current job with UNICEF, I worked for about 2.5 years leading protocol development for a privacy-preserving computations in the Ethereum ecosystem through Enigma, later rebranded Secret Network. Mentored/Judged for EthDenver on the social impact track in the past.

  • Gitcoin Username

  • ETH Address

  • Discord Handle (optional)

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    I discovered and believe Web3.0 is the future based on its cores (blockchain, artificial intelligence and edge computing). I’ve being into AI for more than 5 years and still conducting ground-breaking research in the space. Concisely, I have AI strapped around my waist.

I am passionate to join as this will foster acquisition skills and dissemination of the two cores I’ve not gotten. Joining will enable me partake is building the open, trustless and permissionless future.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I’m pretty new to Web3 and my skills are lacking in context. However, in my journey of 3days in this space, I now know that edge computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence is the future (the core of Web3.0). One of which was is strapped about my waist.

Nonetheless, I’m an ardent reader and a researcher in A.I. with publications in IEEE Access among others. I’m plainly a DS/ML enthusiastic. Equally, I’m passionate about data mining and BigData for real-life applications.

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Gitcoin Username: @jbradach | Gitcoin
ETH Address: 0xb39D022eDF05C31e1981f4F4D8137dDa9C57CFaE
Discord Handle (optional): James Bradach#9134

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
Gitcoin offers a refreshing change from the centralization we see in technology spaces and especially within the financial service space. Centralization primarily benefits the large powerful players at the expense of the rest of us and does not offer long-term sustainability, resilience, or security.

GitCoin allows anyone with passion and an idea provides opportunities and connections for members of the community to make their ideas a reality regardless of who they are, who they know, and their access to resources. This allows for a more robust and meaningful democracy.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • 15 years in data and technology roles with nonprofit advocacy environments.
  • 5 years as a consultant helping nonprofit organizations leverage data and technology for social change through affordable solutions.
  • One of the founders of Solidarity DeFi. Our goal is to make it easy for progressive minded individuals to earn revenue on their investments while supporting projects advocating for racial, economic, and gender justice.
  • Cardano node operator. Planning to expand to other blockchain nodes in the future.
  • Recently joined the boards of directors for two national progressive technology organizations.
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  • Gitcoin Username
  • ETH Address
  • Discord Handle (optional)
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I have learned about blockchain since 2017 and have been engaged in blockchain development. I love blockchain and recognize the decentralized governance of DAO. It is a large-scale change in the form of organization. It is great for caring about and supporting blockchain projects. the benefits of.

web3 is the direction of the next generation of the Internet. I want to participate in this revolution as a forerunner, delegating rights and obligations to ordinary people. I am willing and able to dedicate my own strength

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I am an experienced engineer with 7 years of development experience, of which 3 years are mainly engaged in blockchain development, such as blockchain wallet development, defi smart contract development, and I have great enthusiasm for DAO and NFT. And already have mature project experience.

  • Gitcoin Username: kelsien

  • ETH Address: 0x76b7de079c28008093ceb305336C7a527b192D53

  • Discord Handle: I am a member of the Gitcoin Discord.

  • Statement of Intention:
    I’m a social science researcher (RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub) and participant-observer in the Gitcoin community. I’m interested in contributing to and studying the Gitcoin governance process as it develops as an evolutionary experiment in decentralised autonomous organisation and human-machine processes and infrastructure for governing Gitcoin as a public goods funding mechanism.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:
    I have experience working in a number of well-known Web3 projects and ecosystem development bodies.

I helped co-write this article on the Gitcoin framework for governing adversarial behaviour, in reasoning about and communicating the governance of digital infrastructures and reflecting on the logical parameters for automated governance and decentralisation.

I’m an active member of Metagov, and the sub-research group Govbase on such matters across projects.

  • Gitcoin mhui-po

  • ETH Address 0x6168490A107E17bd23bd3b7153Fec9Abc3C62E0a

  • Discord Handle (optional)

  • **Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Join:

I highly value fair, decentralized system and am extremely interested in the opportunity to put them into practice. I find the mathematical and algorithm design problems very interesting, and I love the opportunity to explore these in the evolving cryptocurrency space. I have a strong belief in the promise of Quadratic Funding and want to help protect its practical implementation against those who would exploit it for their own personal gain. I have been around computers and digital communities since 1992, so I have enough experience to have seen some of the “digital utopia” idealism traps that can sometimes work against practical benefits.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

I was part of the Sprin 2021 Gitcoin Grants research group in conjunction with Token Engineering Academy. I was awarded one of the “Outstanding Contributor” NFTs for technical skills, leadership, and effective communication. I have advanced degrees in mathematics and strong technical skills in things like optimization and data analysis. Additionally, I have won several mathematics teaching awards – I believe i have a gift for helping to make difficult technical ideas more accessible. I understand the technical side of the QF algorithm very well and have worked out the precise structure of the most “effective” sybil attack possible. I am happy to discuss these ideas with community members, regardless of their background. I actually do not have a lot of experience with the GitCoin ecosystem beyond investigating its mathematics and code. I see this as an advantage, as I can be more of an impartial observer who studies the system without personal preconceptions.

Interesting idea. Would love to see how I can contribute. I personally find Progressive Decentralisation, Special Projects, and Meta Governance the most interesting. I would love to see how I can play a role in those sections -particularly the first and second sections, since I can see myself implementing solutions and playing with new ideas.

Gitcoin Username: walidmujahid
ETH Address: 0x62051BfD3A4f7039a849142e6E5ea172cBdA5949
Discord Handle: walidmujahid#9833

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

The idea of contributing to Open Source as a career instead of just a mere hobby or for portfolio building seems very possible to me through Gitcoin. In my head, it provides the clearest to achieve this. I have high hopes in Gitcoin and it becoming the major portal into Open Source Freelancing.

Of course, Gitcoin has proven that it can bring great support to public goods in general. There have been many interesting projects coming through Gitcoin. I feel Gitcoin will continue to play an important role in supporting open source.

While there are so many great Web3 projects out there, I view Gitcoin as an infrastructure to support those projects and more. So, I have had focus on Gitcoin for a while, and will continue to think how I could improve Gitcoin.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

My Web3 skills are a work in progress. I am a techie and have web development skills. I love to learn new things. I have helped fix bugs and introduce new features over at Gitcoin.

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GitCoin Username: Calbear4life
Eth Address: 0x97062C186Ad26d48c8aCAF077E471c4e6543a486
Discord: CalBear4Life

My Statement of Intention/Values & Reasons for Joining:
Coming from a lower-middle-class family, and having worked in major wealth management operations, I have seen first-hand how tools create power. My experience has also lead me to believe that those who get the earliest access to those tools are those that benefit the most. For too long, corporate entities have owned and controlled the assets, and thereby come to own tools which could provide widespread value to society as a whole. What my experience has taught me is that these entities seek competitive advantage at the expense of progress in public goods.

These power structures are the basis for why I think Web3 is so important. Creating tools which allow advancement, ascendence even, of the smallest person is imperative to be sure we aren’t just creating more competitive advantage for the power structures that be.

My Web3 Qualifications/Skills:
I do not possess technical skills. Many affiliated with GitCoin may see this as a negative, but I believe this allows me to view proposals in a different light.

Much of my background being in finance, sales, and client service gives me a leg up at reading through the tea leaves. While all the fancy language is nice, being able to cut through and explain the core data in a common man’s language is what I believe sets me apart. It’s not about ego or wanting to look smart, it’s about clarity.

Being a middle child, I have been forced to master a sense of compromise. Weighing sides, and coming to consensus is a truly enjoyable feat for me.

I look forward to becoming a steward at GitCoin, and continuing to participate in the discussions, proposals, and overall progress of Web3.

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Hi all, Angela here. :wave:

Gitcoin username: @angelakte / akrtws
ETH Address: 0x3b067af83f540cb827825a6ee5480441a4237e77
Discord: akrtws

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining
Tokenized economies, open-source code as a common good, permissionless access, and aligned incentives for global coordination is what brought me to crypto. Gitcoin combines all of this!
Gitcoin Grants Quadratic Funding is a vital experiment in algorithmic policymaking around public goods funding. My intention to be a steward is to make Gitcoin Grants resilient against collusion and exploits and pave the way towards complete decentralization. I’ll be glad to get Token Engineering community active in addressing issues and help GTC holders to make informed decisions - in short, giving back to the Ethereum ecosystem.
Personally, I’m a community junkie; I can’t wait to gather the brightest minds around Gitcoin challenges and let the magic happen!

My Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • co-founded Token Engineering Community in 2018
  • founded TE Academy in 2020 (education and collaboration for the Token Engineering Community)
  • humble contributor to Token Engineering Commons
  • Gitcoin Grants both grantee and supporter since round 4
  • token engineering community projects with Ocean Protocol, Balancer, BlockScience - and Github

Hi @ceresstation the Doodle is closed already, would you be able to include me to the invite for the monthly call? Monday 7th 5pm CEST is fine. Thanks!

:wave: Aviv’s is here…

  • Gitcoin username: @avive | Gitcoin

  • ETH Address: 0x228458226d1F04a01720022Cc04BA207C1AE8f25

  • Discord Handle: Cheshire_Cat

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Strong believer in open source software and the need to find better and new models to fund open source projects and to have orgs and companies that benefit from open source software share more fairly the value generated by open source back to open source devs.

  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
  • Open source funder on Gitcoin with ~102 ETH granted to open source devs over the last 3 years. Funder rank 3. @avive | Gitcoin. Running a rank 6 org rank on Gitcoin: @spacemeshos | Gitcoin

  • Created one of the first artist tokens and artist editions registry. Project wasEthereal 2019 nyc artists grant winner: Shirley Shor Art Token - check out my solidity lingo on that page and here: Shirley Shor Art Registry

  • My own open source contributions to web3 and blockchain tech: avive (Aviv Eyal) · GitHub

  • Co-founder and lead product - race-free consensus protocol based on proof of space time. 100% open source software. Working full time on blockchain products & tech and open source software for last 5 years. Will never work any closed-source software again.