Introducing Steward Report Cards

Hi! Thanks! Totally agree, a way of sorting the cards based on any of the metrics is high on our todo-list of improvements and we’re looking into adding additional metrics to give a better overview of the engagement of each Steward


These are great suggestions. I really like the idea of the principle-based questions.

“One other thing: I have initially found it hard to know when votes are coming up. I’ve just changed my notification settings in the forum on proposal posts. But is there another way that we should be getting notified about when and how to participate?”

This is something I struggle with myself, so I’m going to do some digging on how we can be better informed.

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Looking great! Amazing work @Fred :grinning:


Yes! We will be sending out a DAO Newsletter very soon, which will gather all the open discussions & proposals, so you can easily review all of them at once and vote, comment etc.


Awesome, very big fan of the proposal that was made in the stewards chat, to use the bot data to also cover the activity in the discord.

Next to this I’m just very surprised that even the ‘top stewards’ don’t have more than 1% of GTC delegated to them. Hurray for decentralization but in order to have some impact we need more people to delegate. We’ll have to work on a multitude of programs to incentivize people to delegate their votes asap. But these cards are a great start to keep us wide awake! thx for this, so happy this is out

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Absolutely, we are looking into adding more public metrics to give an even better representation of the involvement and engagement of each Steward in the DAO! Examples are attendance to calls, and potentially Discord and Telegram-activity, if we are comfortable we can do this in a fair way.

In terms of the Voting weight-metric we use the same terminology as Tally to eliminate confusion. Voting weight is calculated as the percentage of tokens delegated in relation to the total amount of tokens, as opposed to the amount of tokens in governance.

With 15.59% of tokens currently being delegated towards governance we get:
1% Voting weight equals ~6% influence in GitcoinDAO governance.

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Love this initiative, thank you for starting it!


Nice info brother,…,…very cool


Agree here! I am also wondering whether in time, we could also link to social (read Twitter) discussions re Gitcoin DAO/gov…


Hello GitcoinDAO!

I’m concerned about how these metrics on volume of activity and attention map to quality of governance? It seems like more activity (noise), rather than greater effectiveness (signal).

Also, tracking all activities risks creating a surveillance state on what is a voluntary, participatory organisation. This paper on surveillance in DAOs may be of relevance: Is a DAO a Panopticon? Algorithmic governance as creating and mitigating vulnerabilities in 'Decentralised Autonomous Organisations' by Kelsie Nabben :: SSRN

My hope is that this offers a constructive perspective


Thanks for sharing this. I’m also concerned with these issues both. Especially the surveillance issue. It’s kind of unbelievable how deeply one can see not only into the activity of the DAO itself but the historical activity of each individual participant as well.

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hi all, i just rebalanced some of my delegations from people who were inactive to those who were active and i found to be a really useful tool in doing so.

it’s really important that the people who have delegated governance are active & engaged. thanks for helping to make that possible!


Great tool, solid and bold initiative, thanks!

Any further explanation or modeling of the coefficients in the Health metric, please? Follow-up plans for the UI or supports for deriving insights, perhaps a time component?

All the folks commenting on usability and finding the presentation of information useful [or not]. Could you take the time to unpack your thinking, to help with further improvements and tuning of this system, please.

It can become very significant and impactful, once the DAO effort gets to the phase when the votes become more controversial or contentions.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve tested out a bunch of different ways of calculating the health-metric of the Stewards. After some iterations we ended up with the formula presented in the OP. This formula takes into account all of the currently tracked metrics and the results it produces are aligned with how we understand Steward participation so far.

We are finalizing the specifications for v2.0 which we aim to ship this quarter with added features and metrics developed alongside the new Steward Council initiative. An important aspect of the new version is to make sure the site does not turn into a dystopian surveillance tool like @kelsien touched upon above by only showing relevant metrics i.e. score per season/quarter or similar. We also don’t want to penalize a Steward or hinder their health score forever due to periods of low engagement whether it be other obligations, health reasons or similar. We’re looking into how Stewards can potentially own their cards and personalize them with social media links and other customization options.

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posting this for transparency reasons, i just delegated away from more ppl who were inactive in governance this cycle (away from shreyas, avsa) using the steward report cards (and the comments on the gov forum) as a source of truth for who is active/whos not. no judgement towards ppl who are inactive (i know ppl get busy), i just think its important that my delegations go to ppl who are most active.


again posting for transparency reasons. similar to my S14 Voter Guide Template i hope that this post inspires others to share who they delegated to and why.

here are my current delegations along with comments per delegatee.

next season, i would like to delegate away from this current group + more broadly to people who:

  1. have deep context.
  2. good judgement.
  3. are damage dealers.
  4. help bring the fire around the fire
  5. have good pulse on Grants 2.0.
  6. want to help push governance/resource allocation at GitcoinDAO forward to be more effective.
  7. will stick around to see through the DAO survive the bear market + into the next market cycle.

please DM me on discord (Owocki#1337) if you want to nominate someone for delegation next season! to consider delegating to them i’d want to know

  1. what their ETH address is
  2. why you think they should be given more governance power

Thank you for sharing this… it’s really helpful to know who you’re delegating to and why. IMO this transparency is a key part of making the whole system function.

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I think so too. I’d encourage other large holders of tokens to publish similar reports too.

Maybe in leiu of that, someone would be able to issue a report on who is delegating to who using on-chain metrics?

I’d like to treating this initial delegation as an invitation for conversation. If you think I’m delegating to someone too much or too little, or would like to nominate someone pls DM me (Owocki#1337) on discord.


I always thought APIs were supposed to be designed to be painful to use, so I think you did a really good job there. :slight_smile:

i wish this section of thte tally delegate report card worked better, it’d be nice to see the ENS names of the ppl who delegated, and be able to sort by the largest delegations (not just the latest)

im happy to be transparent, but a systemic level of transparency would be better design IMHO

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