# GTC Proposal - Ratify the Results of Grants Round 11 and Formally Request the Community Multisig Holders to Payout Matching Allocations

We ask our Community Stewards to ratify the GR11 payout amounts as being correct, fair, and abiding to community norms, including the judgements and sanctions made by the Fraud Detection & Defense workstream.

Please vote one of three options:

1. Ratify the round results and DO NOT pay the fraud tax

Pay all grants the amount of match funds as determined by applying QF after removing contributions attributed to accounts flagged as sybil.

You ratify the results as reported by Gitcoin Holdings & the Fraud Detection & Defense workstream and request the keyholders of the community multisig to not pay the fraud tax. This will disincentivize fraud and is the recommendation of Gitcoin Holdings, FDD Workstream, and Blockscience.

2. Ratify the round results and DO pay the fraud tax

Pay all grants the max of what they would get in either case (Sybil flags or no Sybil flags).

You ratify the results as reported by Gitcoin Holdings & the Fraud Detection & Defense workstream and request the keyholders of the community multisig to continue paying the fraud tax as was done during GR9 & GR10.

3. Request further deliberation

You do not ratify the results as reported by Gitcoin Holdings & the Fraud Detection and Defense workstream and request the keyholders of the community multi-sig to wait for further deliberation.

See the final results from GR11

To payout the matching allocations from Grants Round 11, we need the stewards to ratify the matching allocations. This comes with the extra responsibility of ratifying the decisions made by Gitcoin Holdings and the Fraud Detection & Defense workstream of GitcoinDAO.

To make the payouts in a timely manner, we would like to suggest voting on snapshot to begin on Wednesday, October 6th.*

TL;DR from the GR11 Governance brief:

  • Round Results
    • Biggest round ever!
      • $2.6m raised = $965k pot + $1.6m community
      • 56x growth since round GR1
    • 7.5m now in the community multisig (9.30.21 - Eth only)
    • Should we pay the Fraud Tax?
      • Will include both options on proposal
        • Ratify results without paying fraud tax = Disincentivize fraud
        • Ratify results and pay fraud tax = Continue past operations
        • Do not ratify results - Require more deliberations
  • Fraud Detection & Defense
    • Anti-Sybil ML L2 Stream
      • Round Review from Blockscience
      • Community participation for feature engineering
      • Improved to a 12 hour cycle time
      • Integrated to Gitcoin backend w/ human oversight heuristic
      • Fraud Tax $5,787. This is down from $14,350 during GR10.
      • First statistical validation analysis completed
      • 853 sybil accounts down from 1337 during GR11
      • Most of the attacks came during the last 3 days
    • Policy L2 Stream

The defensive measures taken to protect against fraud and collusion had incredible results. While there is still more work to be done in progressively decentralizing the grants platform, ratifying this round’s closure will continue the precedent for trusting, but verifying the FDD workstream’s decisions. (Similar mechanism design to an optimistic roll-up).

**Moved from 10/6 recommendation to 10/8 after adding the full results worksheet on 10/6. This provides and extra 2 days of deliberation on top of the previous 5 as required by governance.

The ethereum ecosystem is governed by the community multisig which we intend to transfer to the GitcoinDAO treasury once select criteria has been met.

For questions, comments or concerns on any of the above, please comment below or join the Gitcoin Discord.


Epic job putting all this together Disruption Joe! Very nice work FDD.


Thank you for putting this together @DisruptionJoe!

I have a question. I checked the governance brief and could not find the data set as was possible last round.

I am looking for the spreadsheet showing all grants, their donatons in GR11, the expected match payout with and then without the adjustments. Would it be possible to study this?


Yes. That data will be available after final calculations are made. It says here Tuesday, but it might be sooner. We did this last round too and the decision was made because it allows us to start the governance deliberations sooner, while still allowing stewards plenty of time during the snapshot vote to analyze the data. Basically, getting payouts to grants quicker.

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Took an extra couple days as we had a late dispute to MatrixETF. They have a token, but the flag came in after the round as the disputes closed. Because we haven’t take action and created policy, but rather have had every grant in their position voluntarily give up matching eligibility, I reached out to their team to ask. As of now, we haven’t gotten an answer.

They don’t “have to” give it up, but hopefully they do. I will post updated calcs if they do. They might also be too slow, but voluntarily give it back for use in GR12.


Hmmm is this MatrixETF: MatrixETF Has Closed Seed and Private Funding Round - Smart Liquidity Network

They have had both an ICO and investments rounds. I really don’t see in what world this is a public good that needs gitcoin funding.

Or seeing it in another way, why do they think they can deny other projects, actual public goods, not funded, from a portion of the matching pot.

I had not seen this. Thanks for showing it to us. I find it infuriating to see such grants.


Yeah. Unfortunately it was flagged after the round and we didn’t get it right away so I’m talking with them on telegram and they said they will get back to us.

If they don’t answer soon please let me know. I can also publicly nudge them via Twitter.

Updated round results have been added to the sheet after MatrixETF voluntarily gave up match eligibility.