Giving back to society through a social cause

We need also to give back to society through Gtc especially through ending poverty and hunger in africa and fostering education there


We definitely should work towards including some funding for social causes into our future plans.

I am working on a liquidity mining system that could easily siphon X% off towards a good cause.

I believe strongly that fostering education and financial literacy globally will help combat poverty.


I almost agree. Without financial literacy we don’t change the financial world.

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did you have any particular charities in mind?

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Yea there are several projects ongoing in Africa such as Nailab which is a Co working space.My idea is to create a platform to teach youth and women in marginalized areas in Kenya on online work opportunities and how to earn through crypto

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will this concern only Kenya area?

An online platform would be accessible to the whole of Africa but for specialized training it would be better to start with one country first

Something like girl child education.

Indeed girl child education bring affected by marriages have made girls in Africa to not achieve their potential

l think it is on traditional level(early marriages), difficult change it, but you very ambitious and l think you can change situation financial education among women’s in Africa :wave:

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how far are you with this androoloyd

I think we can create a way or option for guys to give to this social cause through transactions they do with gitcoin and other crypto currencies

just in the early stages of proposal drafting.

Lovely idea. If I may ask do you have any plans on to go about it?

I definitely think the community should have a big focus on social and environmental causes. Perhaps some funding can go to traditional organizations/projects, and I also really like the idea of supporting the development of and education in regards to smart contract/blockchain technologies and the positive change they can create. For example, smart contract crop insurance can more cheaply protect farmers in the case of extreme weather. Also, smart contracts could provide financial incentives for individuals or groups to protect a forest like in the recent initiative by Chainlink.

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I suggest 1% of all transaction fees collected to go to charity

Did anyone hear the Tim Ferris podcast with Balaji? He’s set up to help connect the global talent pool and as a path towards micro-certifications based on task completion.

Found it super-interesting: Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, How to Become Noncancelable, the Path to Personal Freedom and Wealth in a New World, the Changing Landscape of Warfare, and More (#506) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Would one way of contributing be to support developer training/learning resources that people can complete for bounties?


I think it depends on the education level required to compete for the bounty as compared to the level of education in the region (as well as technology/web availability). If the bounty itself incentivizes education that can provide access to further bounties that’s ideal. Maybe whole courses should be set up this way.


Good point @haywyer there would need to be some kind of balancing system. I guess to start with (speaking very broadly) could we assume that the bounty value would correlate with the regional education levels? I.e. areas with poor education = lower income = lower bounties are still attractive?

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yeah although I guess pretty much anyone likes to be paid to learn haha