Giving back to society through a social cause

low income=low bounties= low education

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We can train youths then connect them to jobs on internet tasks such as app creation, AI etc instead of leaving them to find jobs for themselves on bidding sites

@majefu, algo similar estoy pensando para Latam, creo que África debería desarrollar el acceso a internet y la educación financiera, al igual que America Latina.

‘Low’ is relative in all these regards. Low is better than none and of course the more sophisticated the education, the higher the bounties and income can be as the students will by then have skills they can deploy.

A process that scales better may be to help each country/region/interest group to set up and run their own education and voting systems - I’d be keen to help setup and develop such a framework - to help localized communities understand quadratic voting, how onboarding can work and how it may apply to their area, case studies on how Gitcoin grants has been working, basics on digital currencies etc.

Then the community by all means can vote to allocate seed monies to establish a local group based on this template and/or help them with the technical means to get established…I think this could be a LOT more scalable and reduce the amount of voting required to allocate funds.

I’m Fairly new here - if someone who knows the ropes would like to help me think this through in more detail and give me pointers on how to write up a proposal let me know… I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while


I’m also pretty new but if I were you, I’d look through the list of stewards/ppl in governance and reach out to one of them that is working in the same general area. Some are also active in discord.


Good idea, I’ll give that a shot :+1:

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Es una grandiosa idea!! estoy de acuerdo con haywyer

Yes, we can build Specific DAO’s where grants available for DAO can be used for social causes.

We can build DAO locally for any country and see how it works.

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povery and hunger are consequence of financial / monetary system. IMHO first goal is to remove central banks and financial institutions power. Everything else follows

Lets set goals for the next one year, what are we going to do towards social cause through gitcoin