GitcoinDAO Hackathon 2022

Please feel free to discuss the below proposal for the first GitcoinDAO Hackathon, inspired by Taiwan’s Presidential Hackathon, which guided the work on this initiative. Special thanks to the Gitcoin Events Team for the discussion and thought around these ideas.

GitcoinDAO Hackathon 2022

April 5 - May 1, 2022

The Gitcoin Events Team aims to organize the first GitcoinDAO Hackathon. In so doing, we hope to encourage the Gitcoin community, computer and social scientists, and field experts to accelerate the growth of digital public goods.

The Gitcoin Events Team invites builders to propose digital technology solutions that make the governance and production of digital public goods and Gitcoin more democratic and accountable.

Hackathon Challenge Theme

Build information and social technologies to augment GitcoinDAO and grow digital public goods.

GitcoinDAO and Gitcoin Holdings will provide public documentation and APIs for builders (e.g., DAO and grants data, dGrants and FDD docs, brand assets, and more.)


The judges of the GitcoinDAO Hackathon will be the GitcoinDAO workstream leaders and stewards as of May 1, 2022, the project submission deadline of the hackathon. So let’s complete and update the list by May 1:

Judges will evaluate all valid Hackathon projects in a quadratic vote. Then, the prize pool will go to hackathon projects with at least 5% of the total votes according to the pro-rata vote distribution.

Each judge may cast up to 99 voice credits pro or contra across all valid hackathon project submissions. In addition, the Gitcoin Events Team outlined project selection criteria to inform the judges’ decision-making process (evaluation criteria below).

The Gitcoin Events Team will facilitate the election.

All discussions between the judges will happen in a publicly viewable channel on the Gitcoin Discord and a published Zoom call.

Phase 1: Judges Vote (May 3 - 15)

  • May 3: Vote begins. Each judge allocates their votes across valid hackathon projects.
  • May 15: Vote ends.

Phase 2: Post-hackathon

  • May 18: Hackathon projects receive $ERC-20 rewards proportional to how many votes they received, excluding all projects below the five-percent hurdle. Gitcoin Events Team sends out NFT and merch rewards.
  • May 19 - June 2: Meetings begin. Gitcoin Events Team facilitates meetings between the top 5 hackathon projects and GitcoinDAO workstream leaders and Gitcoin Holdings.
  • June 3: Award ceremony of top 5 projects in front of the Gitcoin community


Make your hackathon project sparkle in GitcoinDAO! Prizes for winning teams include:

All projects Projects with more than 5% of the judges’ votes Top 10 projects with more than 5% of the judges’ votes Top 5 projects with more than 5% of the judges’ votes
Participation award NFTs for every team member
Pro-rata share of $ERC-20 prize pool
Limited edition GitconDAO Hackathon t-shirts for every team member
Limited edition GitcoinDAO Hackathon special merch gift for every team member
Present your live demo in front of the GitcoinDAO workstream leaders, Gitcoin Holdings team, and Gitcoin community
Join GitcoinDAO for future collaborations or project landings

The prizes requiring design work, including the NFTs, t-shirts, and special merch gifts, would require support from GitcoinDAO’s MMM workstream or third-party designers. In addition, the $ERC-20 prize pool would require financial sponsorship from GitcoinDAO, Gitcoin Holdings, or third-party supporters. We will most likely put up a GitcoinDAO Hackathon 2022 formal governance proposal to GitcoinDAO to ratify a budget to source these prizes.

Project Evaluation Criteria

Builders must write all documents in English.

Teams must have no more than five members.

The proposals must be new, or no entity must have previously initiated them.

We are looking for proposals that:

  • Cover global or local development issues;
  • Have the potential to deliver high impact;
  • Include polycentric collaboration; and
  • Have short-term deployment potential (for post-hackathon collaboration with GitcoinDAO).
  • Are aimed at digital public goods and open-source innovation;
  • Are data-driven (required data must be available); and
  • Are enabled by information technology.

The judges will evaluate proposals based on three critical criteria:

  • Feasibility (40%)
    • How fully has the idea been developed? Is the use case and solution clear?
    • How complete is the solution?
    • Has the team provided all the required documentation and deliverables? (e.g., system architecture, draft data, action plans)
    • How much has the team done to generate buy-in or support for this solution?
    • Has the team identified and engaged the relevant stakeholders?
    • How robust are the post-hackathon project development strategy and action plans?
      • How will this contribute to adoption or implementation?
      • How quickly can it be implemented?
  • Impact (30%)
    • Does the solution address a high-priority area relevant to digital public goods?
    • Will the solution deliver a significant impact?
    • Is the solution replicable or transferable?
  • Innovation (30%)
    • How unique is the solution for generating or analyzing digital public goods?
    • Is your approach more effective than the existing solutions?
    • Does this unique innovation achieve its goal effectively and efficiently?

Important Dates

  • Hackathon Kickoff: April 5
  • Workshops with GitcoinDAO and Gitcoin Holdings staff: TBD
  • Submissions close: May 1
  • The voting deadline for the judges: May 15
  • Winner announcement and payout: May 18
  • Award ceremony of top 5 projects: June 3

Thanks for creating this initiative Leon! As discussed during our call I see this as some of the possible next steps:

  • Define a budget and communicate this to Moonshot Collective, as they still need to request Q1, this will be easier (way less overhead - budget proposals are tough to get passed) and this is very much MC territory
  • Interview all WS leads & create a ‘wishlist’ one month before the hackathon
  • Have this final list ratified through the CSDO call, this is optional but you’ll have more of an integrated wishlist then
  • Select some top stewards to judge in collaboration with @Pop for extra engagement
  • Hack away!

Thanks, @krrisis – this all makes sense. We want to secure the budget for the prizes in Q1 2022 because that way, we are able:

  • to formally ratify the hackathon and its prizes;

  • present the anchor prizes to potential third party prize pool sponsors topping up the total;

  • to appropriately assign workstream leaders and stewards to operations before, during, and after the hackathon;

  • introduce the hackathon at Schelling Point and more events and platforms leading up to the hackathon;

  • in turn, motivate hackers to register and get involved on time.

As suggested, we aim to source the prize pool through the Moonshot Collective budget proposal in Q1 2022. Beyond reducing the overhead transaction costs this way, I see a deep value-alignment between Moonshot Collective and the hackathon. The event will likely attract talent and prototypes into GitcoinDAO and Moonshot Collective to augment the DAO on its mission.

I’m looping in @owocki to consider including the following in Moonshot Collective’s budget request in Q1 2022. (I couldn’t find Emu’s handle on this forum.)

Request to send 5,300 GTC to the Gitcoin Events Team multi-signature to fund the GitcoinDAO Hackathon 2022 prize pool via Moonshot Collective’s budget in Q1 2022.

Gitcoin Events Team Gnosis Safe address: TBD

High-Level Budget Breakdown

  • ERC-20 Prize Pool = GTC 5,000.
  • Gas Costs for Winner Payouts = GTC 20.
  • Production and Shipping Costs of Merch Prizes = GTC 280. We will send any unspent merch budget funds back to the Moonshot Collective. (By the way, @Fred offered MMM’s support in designing the merch prizes.)

For more context about the prizes and their intended distribution, see the Rewards section of the hackathon proposal: GitcoinDAO Hackathon 2022.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the consideration!