Gitcoin Updates summarized

Hey all - I am often asked for an update on how Gitcoin is doing. I wanted to drop that here for those interested. This a summary of public announcements that may be relevant:

  • We are evolving our Steward Council to now include nominated participants who we are hopeful will offer more direct feedback and mentorship to workstreams. Details are here. The new counsel was announced and we are excite to kick this off in the new year.

  • We have closed our Treasury Diversification efforts, and the DAO now has $8.5M in USDC and another $350k in FIL at its disposal. We are excited to welcome new Governance partners to the DAO and our workflows. Details are here

  • Our Grants Protocol is live! You can read more about our early Alpha partners and our vision leading up to our large announcement which is planned for Eth Denver. We will soon disable the ability for new folks to create a grant on the existing platform. The Unicef round now also has over 1k unique donators.

  • Gitcoin Passport continues to make progress with both the number of passports and with adoption. Our partnership with Snapshot was just announced. We now have over 100k passports created and are continuing to build momentum with the protocol.

The DAO is largely in the headspace of “how do we launch three protocols and transition from an impact DAO to a protocol DAO with an impact workstream (or two).” This means we are defining the delineation between our Grants Program (DAO run and selected causes) and our Grants Services (supporting ecosystems run rounds for their community) - and the intersection of those two programs on the protocol.

We are also working to revise the Gitcoin brand, with a new site focused on articulating the protocols, and our purpose as an organization. The team is also working to build our Product Marketing muscle to ensure we have a great narrative around the launch of these protocols.

Finally, we are ensuring our governance process is stronger and can handle voter participation on protocol design decisions. Budget approval should be getting easier for workstream leads and stewards and overall, we are streamlining some things that were clunky during the bull market (our onboarding to the DAO, etc.).


Cool! Is there any post that talks about how GitcoinDAO plans to make this transition successfully?!

It will be coming next week. I am getting some feedback on the details before I post.

Hi is this post still coming? I’d like to view it.

Yes, this post can be found here. A lot also being discussed about our future under the various budget posts at this very moment. Hope this helps!