Gitcoin Proposal (Draft) Mini Grants Community Events -> Discovery of the Quadratics Lands!

I like this idea. I think helping people enter into the space is important and encouraging people to create educational/meetup-like events is one avenue. I would be concerned a bit about the administration of the funds. Who decides that a particular request for re-imbursed funds is a legitimate one? Any good design would very much minimize admin overhead, and, in fact, I might go so far as to say any admin overhead at all might stall the overall project before it gets started. I’d probably vote for this proposal if it was relatively small, but mostly as an experiment in figuring out new ways to engage new people.


yes , you are right…already established groups is good idea .


This is just too awesome and huge idea to get gitcoin to another level


Hey all!

We have done a first Video Call last week with @leonerichsen @gloria @Ajand and myself about what could be improved around Gitcoin community generally speaking and I did introduce this proposition.

We will have another meeting next week 4 August if anyone is interested to join you are more than welcome.

Will be present:


I will be updating this post after the dicussion.


In my mind the most important part of communicating Gitcoin and our common goal of growing and nurturing digital public goods is this: Legitimacy.

Hosting events, tutorials, meetups (in-person or virtually) implies that the host is directly connected to the community, and thus would have to communicate our values genuinely and legitimately. Case in point: Tupperware, Herbalife, Bitconnect (hey hey heyyyy…), you name it. We are not here to shill or sell, Gitcoin is for the BUIDLERS and funders of public goods, and that needs to shine through in every aspect. This is especially true if the events are to be funded with GTC.

I’m looking forward to the call to meet you all and jam on how a possible framework for letting legitimacy shine through could work.


I love what I read there @beist, I think you aim right at what need to be discuss further with the Gitcoin community. I hope to see you next wednesday!

“The top of the Icebergh”

Proof of Legitimacy, Proof of Realibility :slight_smile:

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How can I join this meeting and through which channel does it hold?

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Hi @Luvlynj,

We will use Google Meet, I see you are on Discord, can you send a message to @leonerichsen so he can add you on the list.
Or I will send you a link :slight_smile:

Send me a link on discord too. I wasn’t paying attention and missed the last meeting.

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Thank you, I will be waiting for the link… please do send it.

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Hey @Sirlupinwatson adding this as workstream updates item for August Stewards call happening today - August 2nd at 4pm UTC

Agenda doc

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Thank you @Anett!

I could not be there today for the Stewards call but I will be there Wednesday of course!
I have reserved all my Wednesdays for the next 3 months with Gitcoin :slight_smile:

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@Luvlynj and @walidmujahid Could you send me your email address please? I will forward it to Leon so he can add you on the list for tomorrow :slight_smile:

Either on Discord or here Direct Message/DM

Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon!

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I hope everyone had a great week-end!

Posting a short summary of the last 2 weeks.

On the 4 August we had our second attempt at building blocks with the community, as a unified vision to make or improve any process/patterns/programming around Gitcoin ecosystem.

We had a great conversation with over 12 user and I thanks everybody who was present. Slowly but surely we will build something great!

During the last 2 weeks, I came up with an idea, witch is to build The Gitcoin Community Book, that could looks like this:

(I started to design a front page for this book with some animation)

I have an exiting vision around this book and I think this could be a great addon. At the same time, this is a great project that any community members, designer, creator could work on or contribute to.

Looking forward to hear your ideas, anyone is more than welcome to give some feedback and to come hang around with us Wednesday!


Thanks for the update @Sirlupinwatson! The Gitcoin Community Book-project sounds very interesting.

Where can I find information about the scheduled calls? I’d be happy to add them to the Gitcoin DAO calendar .

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Hey @Fred,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Can you DM @leonerichsen on discord with your email address? He will add you on the meetup list.
The scheduled call is every 2 weeks on Wednesday.

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Awesome, yep absolutely - thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi I would like to help with this proposal. How can I get started?
Is any meeting that I can show up?

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Hi @giorgosn, thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

Can you join the Discord channel here: Gitcoin
You will be able to select a role, then you can ping @leonerichsen in the #General channel, he will add you on the meeting list.

For now the meeting takes place every Wednesday every two weeks but we plan to do more soon!

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