Gitcoin Digest #9 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • Join the ongoing conversation on the proposal and latest discussion to Ratify the Results of Gitcoin’s Beta Round and Formally Request the Community Multisig Holders to Payout Matching Allocations, which has been updated with new perspectives and learning in public.

  • Gloria shares a proposal seeking funding for running a large one-day Schelling Point event during DevConnect on November 13 in Istanbul, Turkey. This proposal is requesting a total of $275,000 from Gitcoin’s treasury to be used for production costs (more details outlined in the post).

  • Funding Public Goods is in a race to the bottom. (yes! in case you missed Kyle’s talk at Zuzalu, the bottom in this context means: durable, continuous funding sources, as close to a value capture mechanism as possible, pluralistic and abundant, always on, by default). Watch this space! Pretty Good News coming soon…

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • Get up to speed with our one-month in S18 Allo Strategy to see how the workstream is thinking about it, and get ready for Allo v2, which kicked off this week!

  • Allo v1 enabled great opportunities for battle-testing and feedback gathering, such as running alpha and beta rounds with multiple integrators building on top, as well as the contest-style audit with our partner Sherlock. Considering the learnings from v1, v2 emerges as a revised, cleaner, more useful building experience.

  • Focus remains on proof of concept. Endaoment and Documentation site still in progress including wrapped voting. Tutorials for strategy starter kit, Priv, and other integrations are on hold until the new architecture comes into place, bringing a more clear sense of what v2 will look like.

  • Core brand elements have been finalized. Upcoming marketing updates will be released progressively including website and graphics, book and google slides to be shared this week. Comarketing & case studies ongoing, dependent on v2 timing.

  • Updates on the Strategy Doc outlining what’s important to Grants Stack for S18 and relevant investments to be made, highlighting new goals: 13 QF rounds, 5 Direct Grants, 8 Self-Serve (which will be a cornerstone for future growth and product adoption, as opposed to QV - no longer a priority).

  • Relevant investments on the Grants Stack Roadmap include: easy self-serve experience, tech debt/internal scalability, and supporting 5 direct grants programs.

  • Ability for Program Managers to edit rounds after round creation has been shipped. Product updates in progress include: donation history page, accept rolling applications, and google analytics tagging. Upcoming engineering focus on indexer improvements, improved round application flow, and checkout enhancements (Passport integration with matching estimates, on-page checkout, multi-round checkout)

  • Features already shipped and ready for demo include: edit your round, donation history page (WIP), improved round application process, and passport integration in checkout with matching estimates.

  • Beyond the epic brand being finalized: Grants Operator Toolkit development work still underway - currently building out the Grants Tooling Landscape article and revamping the Intro to Grants Stack.

  • Drip campaign launch has been pushed to June 19th while messaging for security communication is being prepared.

  • Support Ticket Stats (May 29-June 4): 144 new tickets via live chat and 32 new tickets via email, revolving around passport stamps and guild role. Current escalated issue: project description missing in preview - Builder. Use or intercom for filing issues.

Public Goods Funding

  • Continuing to reevaluate Sybil work with ODC, engineering, and the community to provide better transparency, by learning in public via the proposal and latest discussion to Ratify the Results of Gitcoin’s Beta Round.

  • Running the first test of the “Managed Services” structure for self-serve rounds with an Account Abstraction Round operated by 4337Mafia (big group chat and well connected). June 12-26 are the estimated dates for applications and June 26th - July 9th for the Round. The matching pool goal is $200k.

  • Continuing to fundraise for Schelling Point at EthCC. Sponsorships from Radicle Drips, Celo, Golem Foundation, Privy, Salus, and possibly others! Facilitation support by FWB, Other Internet, Regens Unite, Charmverse, and others! Shouts out MMM for driving forward the logistics and programming.

  • Summer round will be run between July 25th - August 8th, with more details coming soon. Look out for a new approach to community engagement and a further breakdown of Core vs. Featured Rounds

  • View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for the Gitcoin Beta Round.

  • View the new round-wide data visualization tool from Supermodular here.


  • Identity Staking is turned on for the next 90 days (Jun-Aug). 500+ GTC already staked.

  • Revamping the GTC Staking stamp thresholds (prev: 1, now: 5 GTC for bronze; and prev: 10, now: 20 GTC for silver) as an experiment to increase the number of GTC staked without decreasing the number of people who are doing it.

  • OKX has been added as a wallet option to further develop the relationship with the OKX team and increase exposure to the impact market, building upon the momentum gained with CyberConnect.

  • Passport Readme documentation has been updated.

  • zkSync stamp has been updated to include credentials with Era. This will hopefully reduce support questions.

  • New partnerships are interested in pushing the passport creation for load testing (1m-5m passports/ day). Leading to upcoming requirements for UX scalability upgrades based on load testing.

  • Upcoming updates for introducing new stamps (e.g. Phi, Holonym, Idena) in progress.

  • Planning in progress for Unique Humanity Score improvements, UX improvements, Ceramic ComposeDB Upgrade.

  • Passport Brand revisit in progress (cross-functional working group has been activated to ensure alignment between mission, vision, and marketing assets. Leading up to the ‘Protect What Matters’ campaign and other initiatives to be launched).

  • Multiple case studies in progress. Discourse plugin development in progress.

  • Release Notes #7 now available.

  • Snapshot integration is being migrated from SDK to API. Upcoming integrations include: {r}elinked, Thrivecoin, Linea,, and newcoin/newlife.

  • Score gating technical guide and stamp creation documentation have been completed. Work in progress for Information Architecture Review, major improvements will be reflected in new documentation structures.

  • Zakk held his first livestream on, as part of his quest to spread use case awareness by building applications that leverage the passport.

  • Supermodular team is building a Passport-gated faucet starter that can be forked and run on any network. Prebuilt Passport Components under planning.

  • Your local Data Guild builds and owns all data infrastructure for the DAO, along with all analysis, dashboards, and data studies that are requested by each workstream.

  • Features shipped include: cost-of-forgery first-pass, How effective was Passport in protecting Gitcoin Beta Grants Round?. Orientation datasets and materials ready to start working on an anti-collusion framework.


  • Website updates underway. Grants Stack v2 page in progress, WTFisQF kicking off, testimonials live on homepage this week.

  • Cross-functional assets and workflows underway, including: canva template creation (sharing next week), merch & Illustrations design sprints, Notion Design Hub to be the single source of truth for all things media (WIP), and media/Press page.

  • EthCC planning (SP House, FTC & Gitcoiners coming together), Passport visual touch-ups, Gitcoin Grants and PGN brand work underway.

  • Friendly reminder to use the word ‘Gitcoin’ as opposed to ‘GitcoinDAO’ when referring to our organization, in alignment with the shared glossary of terminology where the DAO documents common language and reinforces our shared vernacular.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

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