Gitcoin Digest #5 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • As part of the iterative process to improve governance communications, Shawn shares the plan for weekly summaries and monthly governance report in the post for Governance update: May 2023
  • Catch all the details in the post by Kris for Gitcoin Grants Citizens Rounds to reward people and grassroots projects that have contributed to Gitcoin’s success. With ‌Matching Pool funding of 13.3K GTC (20K DAI), ‌applications for the Citizen Round will officially open on Monday May 15.
  • In the post Gitcoin: who makes the decisions anyway?, Shawn seeks input on identifying hot spots in the use of Approval Matrix and DACI models that define the lifecycle of how the decision gets from identification to approval.
  • David shares the proposal for Gitcoin to Support the Funding the Commons Hackathon, Residency and Conference Series. The event series would directly utilize Gitcoin’s Grants Stack in a variety of ways, including to deploy funding to projects by running a Funding the Commons grant round.
  • Eugene outlines the proposal to produce a report on the current state of web3 grants. Besides being a market analysis work for Grants Stack, the insights from the report would serve as a public good for entire ecosystem to learn and benefit from.

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update (video here):

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • Current focus (roadmap here): Improvements and fixes for Beta feedback; Solarpunk - Round edit flow; Lunarpunk - Post round-UI for Linear QF
  • Upcoming efforts will include enhancing the QF experience, quadratic voting, and utilizing the Productboard tool for roadmaps to bring more visibility to the backlog
  • REMINDER! Support has moved over to Intercom (widget available in the bottom right-hand corner in the apps). Users should report product-related bugs, suggestions, and questions in Intercom.
  • Template for Allo Improvement Process is now available to utilize community feedback for Allo
  • Documentation and tutorials in progress for voting and payout strategy with documentation for project registry integration lined up next
  • Upcoming Allo integrations include Privy Sweepstakes (expected May 22), Endaoment (confirmed, dev started), Decent (dev starts soon)
  • Q2 priorities for DevRel can be reviewed here
  • Allo Brand Moodboards reviewed and approved; focus on logo concepts and typography selection
  • Grants Stack Self Serve marketing plan and moodboards are in progress

Public Goods Funding

  • View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for Gitcoin Beta Round. Approximately, a total of 107K contributions have raised $600k in funding. Most rounds witnessed a 1.5x to 3x jump in contributions just in the last week of the round.
  • 117K instances of the Stand with Crypto NFT minted
  • Post round focus on conducting Sybil analysis and fraud detection before the final calculations


  • New stamp available for; focus on bug fixes and copy updates based on Beta Round feedback, along with onchain stamps (EAS)
  • Roadmap updates for introduction of new stamps (e.g. Hypercert, Civic, Holonym) in progress
  • Upcoming focus on data dashboard, Unique Humanity Score improvements, UX improvements, Ceramic ComposeDB Upgrade
  • Market Lanscape Analysis presented to Passport Pod; review weekly release notes here
  • Sample library completed; winner identified for ‌bounty at DAO Global Hackathon hosted by Aragon
  • Integration in progress with Snapshot for migrating to API; technical guide for Score integration


  • As part of efforts to reposition Gitcoin as a tech-first organization, the Gitcoin Thought Leadership Program will help existing and emerging thought leaders share their expertise to build eminence
  • Pages in progress: Allo page, Program page, Grants Stack v2 page, revised home page, and a refresh for WTFisQF, search and topic sections for Blog, media center (full schedule)
  • In progress: Grants Stack visual identity, Canva template, Impact Report and Research, DAO-wide visual audit, Metalabel round 2
  • Roles open for publicist and designers
  • Ratification upcoming shortly for DAO Mission, Vision, Brand values

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

You can find information about the Gitcoin-organized and Community-organized events on the Upcoming Events page.

Gitcoin Community Call: Weekly discussions to seek community opinions on the latest DAO decisions happen every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET. Catch-up on recordings of recent conversations here:

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

  • Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new website, a hub for all things related to public goods funding

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