Gitcoin Digest #3 2023

:dollar: Budget Proposals

Each of the budget requests has been deeply reviewed and approved by CSDO, as well as reviewed by some of our top Stewards. Note that we have moved from a quarterly to a semi-annual (2x per year) cycle and this budget round will cover S18 & S19. Refer to the workstream budget proposal process for a recap on other improvements and standardizations.

Allo Workstream

  • Total request: $3,223,170 (Budget: $2,821,533 + 60 day reserves: $940,511 - Balance: $538,874 )
  • Enabling web3 grants programs to run the majority of their funding through Grants Stack. The 13-5-5 target is designed to push us to create three base grant “flavors” to cover the majority of these use cases, while also setting us up to create more variations within those categories
  • Empowering builders to create new software applications on top of Allo protocol. Expand the ecosystem beyond Grants Stack utilizing known builder archetypes such as independent grants management apps, communities that want to build their own front-end grant experience, and direct protocol integrations that want to lay Allo on top of their existing protocol
  • Achieve 13-5-5, a $10 million in GMV, with a goal for 80% of programs to run again, and 10+ independent apps built on top of Allo
  • The Allo budget has increased from past seasons, primarily due to team growth (~9 new heads) and planned outsourced work.

Public Goods Funding Workstream

  • Total request: $1,149,333 (Budget: $1,237,000 + 60 day reserves: $412,333 - Balance: $500,000 )
  • Aligning with the DAO-wide objectives of achieving 13-5-5 and a $10 million GMV by October 2023
  • Support business development for Allo, Grants Stack, and Passport to achieve six month goals of each product
  • Successfully run Program distribution at least $2m total per round
  • Generate income running Featured Rounds (Charge 3% fees)
  • Establish $100,000 Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Close at least one prominent non-profit foundation, Fortune 2000, and/or government entity for at least $50,000 to fund the program
  • Support business development for Passport - 5x Passports to 1 million created and custom implementation with high profile partner

Passport Workstream

  • Total request: $1,323,472 (Budget: $1,179,692 + 60 day reserves: $393,226 - Balance: $249,447)
  • Growing adoption and usage of Passport through development of on-chain mechanisms, user experience improvements, and broader DevRel initiatives. Increase the number of Passports by 5x (to 1MM), maintain an average stamp count of 8 or higher per passport, and increase the number of integrators by 5x.
  • Generating upside through strategic tests, including at least two revenue experiments, to identify sustainable value capture mechanisms that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Gitcoin Passport App and the DAO. Generate at least $1 in revenue.
  • Gathering a plurality of scoring mechanisms for communities to adopt, encouraging innovation from the broader community and making Passport a more versatile tool for managing identity and reputation. Ensure at least 5 scoring mechanisms are available to communities.
  • Galvanizing community experiences around Passport by researching and potentially enabling custom community experiences, integration capabilities, and branded Passport experiences natively in their applications.

MMM Workstream

  • Total request: $1,491,196 (Budget: $1,121,200 + 60 day reserves: $369,996)
  • MMM Workstream is going to focus on one overarching north-star goal: Reposition Gitcoin as a tech-first organization (read more below)
  • Evolve existing audience perceptions and introduce Gitcoin to new audiences to build awareness and adoption of our products
  • Bolster the narrative of our tech’s impact & position Gitcoin as a market leader in the domain of funding governance & sybil defense
  • Drive awareness, engagement, adoption and fandom of Allo Protocol, Grants Stack and Passport - to further product maturity
  • Continue to establish and build hype for our products within their respective markets and continue to foster love for Gitcoin as a leader in web3

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update (video here):

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • Allo Metrics Dashboard captures near-real time usage metrics combining data from Allo and Google Analytics
  • New landing page to be deployed on Explorer, revised clear copy for Passport, addressed final feedback in audit, stats page with live calculations
  • Ongoing focus on E2E testing, support, enhancements to donation flow, and final results page for round managers
  • Support has moved over to Intercom (widget available in the bottom right-hand corner in the apps). Users should report product-related bugs, suggestions, and questions in Intercom.
  • DevRel - Documentation effort ‌initiated. Privy Sweepstakes and CharmVerse integrations are in progress.
  • Check out the article Funding Public Goods DAOs With Allo Protocol authored by 0xZakk and Azeem Khan published in State of the DAOs newsletter by BanklessDAO

Public Goods Funding


  • One-Click Verification is live. Passport score is available on the dashboard
  • Quick Start video guide for the Scorer App is now available. Sample guides and integration guides are coming soon
  • Open position for an engineer (JavaScript) for technical content creation, integration support, and developer tooling


  • The new website is live (more pages coming soon)!
  • ETHcc planning is underway
  • Single source of truth document for Quadratic Funding in progress as a precursor to the refresh of WTF is QF? website
  • Kicking off work for 1-pagers for Passport, Allo, Grants Stack, Gitcoin Grants, and Gitcoin
  • Speaker applications are open for ETHcc

Note: The DAO Ops workstream will be winding up end of this season. Documentation related to Discord is now available on the contributor hub. Also, in case you missed to hear from the members of the FDD workstream discuss the many solutions they built to make sure rounds are free from fraud, you can catch-up on the recording here.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

You can find information about the Gitcoin-organized and Community-organized events on the Upcoming Events page.

Gitcoin Community Call: Weekly discussions to seek community opinions on the latest DAO decisions happen every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET. Catch-up on recordings of recent conversations here:

Community-organized and partner events:

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

  • Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new website, a hub for all things related to public goods funding

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