Gitcoin Digest #20 2023

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:fire: Hot Topics (Ecosystem Headlines):

Citizens Round #2 is live!

Matching results from GG18 are live! – GG19 Opens NOV 15th

  • This round achieved a new high with $680k crowdfunded from 328k contributions, showing a 12% increase from the Beta round and a 65% increase from the Alpha round. – making it the biggest ever on the new decentralized tech stack. Check out the detailed updates posted by @umarkhaneth

Building context and scaling up processes with a new DAO workstream?

  • @CoachJonathan proposes a DAO infrastructural mechanisms workstream with a lean team to assist with task execution (1 part-time Workstream Lead and a few part-time contributors) in order to maintain key processes for Gitcoin (that either don’t easily fall within the current workstream structure or can be done more effectively/efficiently within a single, focused workstream).

Reducing friction on GCPs (Gitcoin Community Proposals) and DAO onboarding

  • The Allo workstream proposes managing Season 20’s GCPs on Allo v2, aiming to streamline community involvement, seed ideas, and trial microgrants as an Allo use-case. This initiative presented by @nategosselin is budgeted at $75k, and it involves building an intuitive front-end app allowing GCP submissions, approvals by designated stewards, and transparent status tracking.

Quadratic Avengers Training Pilot Cohort

  • @sejalrekhan from Green Pill Network announced the new Gitcoin’s Round Manager Training Pilot Cohort to bootstrap Gitcoin Grants adoption and impact by training external entities. Participants will not only gain skills to manage rounds, become Quadratic Avengers, and receive a POAP or other NFT to commemorate the experience, but they also may become service providers. This emphasis on education promises a more inclusive, knowledgeable future for Gitcoin and the wider Web3 community.

Get ready for S20 & Beyond…

S20 is all about a more nuanced direction as outlined in the comprehensive Governance Roadmap proposed by @deltajuliet and @CoachJonathan. Gitcoin plans to enhance transparency and accountability by emphasizing community-led decision-making, through new governance initiatives such as:

  • Updated documentation repository for all things governance.
  • Comms cadence ossified and increased.
  • Roll out PIP (Passport) and AIP (Allo) initiative.
  • Roll out expanded Gitcoin Grants governance initiative.
  • Rollout of Passport gated governance forum (and solutions to include those who cannot afford to own GTC).
  • Explorations of election-based roles at Gitcoin.
  • Research DAO2DAO governance opportunities.
  • Monthly Steward onboarding calls.

We can fund public goods regardless of whether the red team or the blue team is in power.

  • Credible neutrality is pivotal in public goods funding amid diverse community values. Gitcoin Grants embraced this diversity by becoming a DAO, allowing the community to shape itself and the protocols being developed. Controversies arise due to varied beliefs, but Gitcoin’s approach enables forking programs, ensuring inclusivity, product emergence, protocol amalgamation, and genuine decentralization. Dive deeper with @owocki ‘s insights on credible neutrality within the memetic tribes of our polarized world.

Governing Allo v2

:compass: Biweekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the biweekly workstream update - (video on Gitcoin Transparency)

What’s new?

V2 documentation is available here :slightly_smiling_face:

Project Updates



    • V2 Audit Remediation
    • 1k individual submissions —> 24 final issues

    • V2 mainnet deploys
    • Profile builder for the project registry
    • Microgrants! S20 GCP Proposal

What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes :slightly_smiling_face:

Project Updates


    • Direct Grants and QF Self-Service continue to pick up traction
    • Wrapped up Fantom and Arbitrum
    • Citizens Round #2 is live
    • DIMO launched

    • Ship Matching Estimates
    • Working on new Passport sliding scale and widget
    • Investing in GS Indexer Reliability & Scalability
    • Ongoing support for bugs

    • Kick off Explorer Homepage updates
    • Round spam / filtering
    • New homepage redesign
    • Sorting/filtering functionality

Actions & Progress

  • Case Studies

  • Campaign – Gitcoin x Polygon co-marketing is underway to support the relaunch of Polygon’s new, decentralized grants program on Grants Stack.

  • New chains deployed – Avalanche, Polygon, SheFi coming soon.

  • Integrations – SPACE ID, PowerPool, Uni/Arb committed to launching soon.

  • Direct Grants are being merged to main

What’s new?

Check out the latest Grants Stack Release Notes, Roadmap and the new brand identity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Project Updates


    • New UI launched!
    • Launch onchain on Linea !
    • GTC Community staking credentials have been updated.
    • BD process has been updated.

    • Completing UX / UI work from last week with improved: hover animations, banner, sidebar, welcome, and onboarding pages.
    • Onchain Stamps – making it easier for developers to work with our Passports with a new smart contract.
    • Updating Score weights.

    • Scorer / Developer Portal updates - new logo & header, updated links, text & description(s).
    • Early developer journey improvements and support optimizations.
    • Simplified custom scoring and onchain tutorials.
    • New ecosystem partners and use cases pages.

Actions & Progress

  • Twitter – Last week: ~200 new followers!

  • Identity Staking V2 – launch plans underway.

  • Planning for Discourse and Snapshot integration announcements underway.

What’s new?

Gitcoin is redefining its guiding principles to navigate the complexities of decentralized governance and product development. These Essential Intents (EIs) work synergistically, creating a virtuous cycle. Gitcoin aims for short-term stabilized operations and long-term decentralization, striving to become a model for DAO sustainability and excellence by focusing on 3 interconnected pillars:

  1. Network Effects – Maximizing ecosystem growth through product adoption. The focus is on community initiatives, partnerships, and cross-workstream collaborations.

  2. Community First – Cultivating a thriving community internally and externally, emphasizing active participation, effective governance, and Gitcoin’s platform adoption. Programs like Gitcoin Grants, community events, and educational content are central.

  3. Financial Longevity – Ensuring Gitcoin’s economic health and longevity through efficient budget allocation, ROI-driven investments, and transparent financial reporting. This pillar supports sustained growth and innovation.

:dart: Goals

  • Allo + Grants Stack – Drive $1M in total individual contributions, with at least 50% of matching pool funds coming from new donations.

  • Passport – Strive for 75%+ of Donors to authenticate their identity using Passport, with a score of 20+.

  • PGN – All Program Rounds Run on PGN.

:building_construction: Projects



  • Stable coins deployed last week. USDC in progress.
  • Re-engagement campaign on PGN.
  • Campaign to bootstrap adoption ahead of GG19.

:white_check_mark: Actions

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • [DISCUSSION]: Community Feedback on Gitcoin’s Essential Intents for 2023/2024.
  • [PROPOSAL] - DAO Infrastructural Mechanisms Workstream.
  • [PROPOSAL] - Passport-protect the Gitcoin governance forum.


  • Gitcoin Twitter/X List – Drop your name in this Notion table if you’d like to be added to this Twitter list so it’s easy to find and follow you and other Gitcoiners.

  • Schelling Point – Session planned for Thursday Nov 16

    • Topic: Web3 Grants and Funding
    • Programming: Led by Eugene/ MetaGov
  • Brand Book UpdatesAllo & Grants Stack, Passport brand books complete.

  • Under ConstructionStakeholder comms. 2024 Events Strategy underway (to be finalized in Nov)

:date: Upcoming Events

Marquee event attendance

Gitcoin Community Call – Weekly discussions seeking community feedback on the latest DAO decisions. Taking place every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET.

Catch up on recordings of recent conversations here:

Gitcoin Pulse – Weekly episodes covering a few of our top happenings at Gitcoin followed by short interviews with active contributors to better get to know the Gitcoin community and the projects they are working on. Listen to the latest episode here.

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