Gitcoin Digest #10 2023

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • @owocki provides an overview of the QF round for he ran recently, building upon his self-published book released in Feb 2022 about how crypto could regenerate the world, and explaining how it all fits into his strategic thinking.

  • Get up to speed on the S18 mid-season updates shared by @meglister and @nategosselin , including: Allo + Grants Stack team split, Grants Stack S18 strategy and roadmap, and Allo v2 and S18 strategy. It’s been such an eventful month while the focus remains on achieving product-market fit and growing adoption to make democratic allocation of capital an accessible and widespread reality.

  • Your last opportunity to provide feedback before the results go live for the proposal and latest discussion to Ratify the Results of Gitcoin’s Beta Round and Formally Request the Community Multisig Holders to Payout Matching Allocations, which has been updated with new perspectives and learning in public.

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • Allo brand is coming to fruition! Core brand elements have been delivered and can be found here, including logo, color and typography. Webpage and graphics in progress. Drips marketing kicking off at the end of June. Knitting together v2 go-to-market plan. More to come next week…

  • The focus has shifted to supporting the development of Allo v2, while the documentation work is paused until further progress.

  • Endaoment Integration for QF is expected to go live on June 29th. Also, they integrated GTC as a token, enabling donor-advised funds to hold up to 50k GTC to receive and make donations.

  • Allo v1 enabled great opportunities for battle-testing and feedback gathering, such as running alpha and beta rounds with multiple integrators building on top, as well as the contest-style audit with our partner Sherlock. Considering the learnings from v1, v2 emerges as a revised, cleaner, more useful building experience.

  • Multi-round checkout problem space scoping is underway for Grant Stack product as per feedback gathered during the beta round.

  • UX Research and Google Analytics tagging are in progress to improve round application flow for Program Managers. Checkout enhancements (Passport integration with matching estimates, on-page checkout).

  • Multiple features have been shipped, including: aggregating donations by address in the Indexer, new staging environment, and other updates to support Bedrock.

  • Allo Improvement Proposal AIP-13 is accepted and under development to allow for a multi-round checkout with QF Calculator updates to override with percentage.

  • Upcoming updates in progress include: donation history page (MVP), Indexer improvements (deploy/scalability), AIP-13 contract implementation and improving Round creation form UX

  • Grants Stack marketing updates include: finalizing the webpage (planned to go live before 21st), security comms messaging and Brand Book V1 (embracing the interconnectedness and holonic nature of the 4 identities). Drip campaign starting next week!

  • Support Ticket Stats (June 5-11) decreased: 142 new tickets via live chat and 21 new tickets via email, revolving around passport stamps and GTC Staking. Current escalated issue: Project description missing in preview - Builder (In progress), and error in CSV downloaded from Round manager (Resolved). Use or intercom for filing issues.

Public Goods Funding

  • The next Gitcoin Grants Round will be in August. A new process for community engagement is coming soon (more details to follow).

  • Continuing to support the first ‘Managed Services’ offering for self-serve rounds with an Account Abstraction Round operated by 4337Mafia (big group chat and well connected). Fundraising has been slower than expected. June 12-26 are the estimated dates for applications and June 26th - July 9th for the Round. The matching pool goal is $200k.

  • View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for the Gitcoin Beta Round.

  • View the new round-wide data visualization tool from Supermodular here.


  • Phi stamp is ready to be turned on and get a score. Upcoming updates for introducing new stamps (e.g. Holonym, Idena, Civic, Humanode) in progress.

  • Maintenance pages and database upgrades have been completed to help with scaling.

  • Planning in progress for Unique Humanity Score improvements, UX improvements, Ceramic ComposeDB Upgrade.

  • The focus remains on improving UX scalability for users and integrators based on load testing. New partnerships are interested in pushing the passport creation for load testing (1m-5m passports/ day).

  • Co-marketing process is being developed and will be ratified soon to foster ongoing collaborations with multiple orgs, including Linea/Galxe, {r}elinked, OKX. 2k new followers and 100s of thousands of impressions in the last week.

  • Linea campaign in progress, featuring the new zkEVM L2 created by Consensus (Metamask, Gitcoin!). Running weekly Voyage Quests (7 so far). New quest to remove bots & Sybils, Passport is one of 3 options including: Guild Pin, Galxe Passport (KYC + SBT mint). 215k total net new Passports created since the campaign started (update with current Gerald Query # minus 207k)

  • Passport Brand revisit in progress (the cross-functional working group has been activated to ensure alignment between mission, vision, and marketing assets. Leading up to the ‘Protect What Matters’ campaign and other initiatives to be launched).

  • Multiple case studies are in progress and already receiving positive feedback on a recent one using the test faucet. Discourse plugin development is in progress.

  • Release Notes #8 now available.

  • Other Protocol updates include: Identity staking (211k max stake - up 36k staked in one day), 14 integrations (up from 7 at season start), 360k total passports created (in postgres + 153k this week due to Linea campaign), 190k total created in Ceramic (not in postgres), bringing the total all-time created unique passports up to 550k. Get up to speed on the 2 Twitter spaces this week with Ocean Protocol and ShapeShift.

  • Snapshot integration is still being migrated from SDK to API. Upcoming integrations include: {r}elinked, Thrivecoin, Linea,, newcoin/newlife, and Metaforo.

  • Supermodular team is building a Passport-gated faucet starter that can be forked and run on any network. Prebuilt Passport Components under planning.

  • Zakk continues to drive his experiment forward and will also publish video tutorials walking through interactive documentation as part of his quest to spread use case awareness by building applications that leverage the passport.

  • Work in progress for Information Architecture Review, major improvements will be reflected in new documentation structures.


  • Website updates are underway. Wrapping up Grants Stack product page. Community Initiatives page and PGN sprint for next week. Side quest: WTFisQF refresh.

  • New Canva Design System to make Twitter, blog + email banners, quote features, and branded video content. Additional cross-functional assets and workflows are underway, including merch & Illustrations design sprints, Notion Design Hub serves as the single source of truth for all things media (WIP) and media/Press page.

  • EthCC planning (SP House, FTC & Gitcoiners coming together), Passport visual touch-ups, Gitcoin Grants and PGN brand work are underway.

  • Friendly reminder to use the word ‘Gitcoin’ as opposed to ‘GitcoinDAO’ when referring to our organization, in alignment with the shared glossary of terminology where the DAO documents common language and reinforces our shared vernacular.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

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