Gitcoin Building Gitcoin Round now open for GR10!

Hey everyone, now that this proposal ( [Proposal] GR10 Matching Pool: Use Gitcoin to build GitcoinDAO) to build Gitcoin using Gitcoin Grants has passed, you can now open up a new grant at within the “Building Gitcoin” category on the site.

Grants in this category will be automatically considered for the $50k matching pool allocated to this category.

If you are building something in the Gitcoin ecosystem, its worth hitting and creating a grant so people can support you!

What is in scope per the proposal:

  1. anything involved in the DAO workstreams
  2. governance for the public good
  3. prototypes for the public good
  4. decentralization of Gitcoin itself
  5. anti-fraud
  6. communication - creating content or memes for the public good
  7. in general - anyone who is advancing GitcoinDAO’s goals/mission through their actions.