GG18 Grantee Discovery Using Lens Social Graph

I am happy to announce the supermodular has built, a new tool that lets you see what the people you’re following on lens protocol are funding.

Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s what the feed looks like:

screencapture-funding-social-2023-08-08-13_45_02 2

This is an experiment in allowing people to discover new grants based on what people their social network is funding.

My asks:

  1. Please post feedback below.
  2. If you have anyone we should add to the suggested users list, let us know.
  3. Please share this tool on twitter when GG18 starts.
  4. If anyone wants to do data analysis to see if/how this changes what grants ppl contribute to, pls do and post below!

Thanks @ghostffcode for being my huckleberry with this build.


Oh nice, this is pretty useful… thank you.

now that the round is live, check this out!

If there are any other lens profiles that we should add to the featured users lists on, please share them below!

You could add me :slight_smile:


done! - Social feed for grant donors & friends