Future History of the Open Internet Book

I gave a talk at Devcon in 2019 entitled Future History of the Open Internet about the deep history of Open Source Software + how Ethereum could continue that legacy.

Fast forward to 2022 - when @ceresstation introduced me to peace_node (who is an amazing digital artist) last winter, and we were looking to create a peace of lore for the space, we decided to make this talk into a book.

Without further adeau, here it is!

Get a copy below:

  1. get a physical copy here - $20
  2. get a digital copy here - $0 [PDF]
  3. get a digital copy here - $0 [flipbook]

I will have copies of this on-site at Schelling Point Amsterdam on 4/21, and we will be sharing it more widely at that time. Consider this preview to be a reward for those who follow the gov forum :slight_smile:


Yes! You are speaking my language - also, with the Hero’s Journey, our society needs an updated mythology, because the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shapes what we believe we are capable of.

Our team has created is a powerful system that makes regenerating the earth PROFITABLE - even in our present market system.

But, more than that - it contains the seeds that will help TRANSFORM the market system into a decentralized network of local economies who all self-regulate while operating in harmony.

Our currency will not be mined and extracted - it will be harvested via measuring and tracking the health of our living ecosystems!

Caring for our planet becomes the basis for our currency, which means all produce has a cost that is equivalent to the ecological cost to produce and deliver it.

This builds in constant incentive to protect ecosystems right into our monetary system.

It’s a long plan, but a solid foundation!

See my other comments in your ImpactDAO Category Creation and Impact Certificates [Proposals Wanted] posts:

Thank you for blazing a path for us to follow!

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