Digest #45: 🚀 Our Grants Round with Unicef Launches Tomorrow!

Digest #45: Gitcoin :handshake: UNICEF Alpha Round Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Our first Alpha Round, in collaboration with Unicef’s Office of Innovation, is kicking off tomorrow!

There are 10 grantees in the round, working on providing socially-minded solutions in education, healthcare, climate, and financial services. You can read more about each grantee and how you can support their work in this post.

The round runs from December 9th-16th, and will be on ETH mainnet. This round with UNICEF will be the first of five test rounds run on our new grants protocol as part of Gitcoin’s Alpha test season. You can read more about our Alpha test season here.

Also, there is a Twitter Space happening on Tuesday 12/13 at 2pm EST, where we’ll discuss the round and talk about grantee-led projects. Schedule a reminder.

For information on how to donate when the round goes live on Friday, go here.

:newspaper_roll: In This Issue of the Digest

  • DAO News :newspaper:
  • Content Roundup :seedling:
  • Upcoming Events :calendar:
  • Opportunities for Builders :construction_worker_man:

:newspaper: DAO News

  • Vitalik :heart:’s Gitcoin: Vitalik published a post about the things in the Ethereum application ecosystem that he finds exciting–and one of them is Gitcoin. Vitalik praised our DAO model, our Grants Program, and Gitcoin Passport. See the thread.

  • New Steward Council Has Been Elected:

    Gitcoin is excited to announce our next round of Gitcoin Steward Council members! Our Stewards serve an advisory board for the DAO, and help to steer the DAO in alignment with its stated mission, purpose, and vision.

    We welcome @Eugyal @carl_cervone, @DrNickA, @AnnikaSays, @dabit3, @thrift_lindsey, @epowell101, @thegrifft, ebransom, and @Sim_Pop.

    Read more about our new Steward Council here.

  • Buidl in Public #4 happens tomorrow at 11:30am EST/4:30pm UTC!

    For this installment, the early stage web3 project builder is Orrin from QSTN, a blockchain enabled market research portal where users earn digital rewards for completing surveys, questionnaires and short answers. Orrin is looking for help on tokenization: navigating the securities process (1) and whether to license our proprietary method (2). If you have ideas for how Orrin can move forward, or would like to simply listen in on other community members’ ideas, join us for this fourth session of Buidl in Public!

  • Gitcoin :handshake:Optimism Partnership. The Optimism Foundation’s second retroactive public goods funding round will be one of the test rounds deployed on Gitcoin’s grants protocol. Read our thread about the partnership, or listen to our recent Twitter Space with Optimism.

  • We made a Gitcoin Grants Telegram! For up-to-the-minute updates on all things Gitcoin Grants, join into our new Gitcoin Grants Telegram channel!

  • Fantom Alpha Round voting starts next Monday, 12/12. Winners will be announced soon after. You can read more about the Fantom Alpha Round here, on the Gitcoin blog.

  • Gitcoin :handshake:Snapshot Twitter Space Highlights. In case you haven’t heard, Gitcoin is partnering with Snapshot, and Snapshot has added Quadratic Voting as a feature! Read the blog post, or listen to the recording of our recent Twitter Space.

Also, there are five hackathons running on Gitcoin right now! Scroll to the bottom of the Digest to check out our Opportunities for Builders.

:seedling: This Week’s Content

This week, three new posts on the Gitcoin blog, and three new Green Pill episodes from Owocki!

  • Gitcoin Blog: Announcing: The Gitcoin Protocol Alpha Tests

    This post explains the “test” alpha rounds with UNICEF, Fantom, Optimism, and Alchemix we’ll be running in the coming months. In January, we will also run our own Gitcoin test round to ensure that we continue to support early-stage builders during the transition.

  • Gitcoin Blog: Grantee Showcase: Meet UNICEF’s Alpha Round Grantees
    In collaboration with UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, we’re kicking off Alpha Round Season, and today we’re thrilled to introduce you to the ten participating grantees! Learn more about how Gitcoin is testing its grants protocol with key partners like UNICEF.

  • Gitcoin Blog: Gitcoin announces the results of the first-ever quadratically elected Steward Council

    Gitcoin has elected the next cohort of members to its Gitcoin Stewards Council. The Gitcoin Stewards Council was created in March 2022 as a governance mechanism and has continued to refine the objectives, selection methods, and compensation of selected Gitcoin Steward Council members. The objective of this new council is to be an externally connected strategic body that will help Gitcoin improve market sensing ability and to provide feedback on strategy, proposals, and challenges.

  • Quadratic Voting with Tim Daubenschütz | Green Pill #67

    Tim Daubenschütz is a pluralistic freelancer and engineer seeking tough challenges. He’s also a blogger about topics like soulbound tokens and Harberger tax. In this episode, we dive into the mechanisms Tim has explored, such as quadratic voting. Tim brings a high level perspective to complex topics in the regenerative world.

  • Idena Network with Founder Andrew | Green Pill #68

    In today’s episode, we’re joined by Andrew, the anonymous founder of Idena Network. We’re continuing our exploration of decentralized identity through Idena’s approach to sybil resistance, which operates through a Proof-of-Personhood consensus.

  • Kolektivo with Luuk Weber | Green Pill #69

    The Kolektivo Framework is a collection of institutional technologies that allow local communities to launch, finance, and govern their own regenerative economies.

    Kolektivo issues geo-NFTs to enable autonomy in communities to help regenerate their commons. We bring on Luuk Weber, founder of Kolektivo, to discuss collective infrastructure and the future of tech.

:date: Upcoming Community Events

If you have an event you’d like us to include in the Digest, reach out to @alexdw5 on Twitter or Discord.

Friday (12/9):

Tuesday (12/13):

  • 2p ET – UNICEF Round AMA Twitter Space – Join us in welcoming the 10 grantees in the UNICEF Round into the Gitcoin ecosystem! Our hosts Azeem Khan and Ben West will share more on the participating projects and their intended impact, followed by Q&A. For more info, read our recent blog post about the partnership launch with Unicef. The round launches Friday, 12/9! Schedule a reminder for the Twitter Space here.

Next Wednesday (12/14):

  • 12p ET – Gitcoin Community Call. Join us in the #dao-citizens channel for our weekly Gitcoin DAO-wide community call.

For up-to-the-minute updates on Gitcoin events, check out our Events Calendar!

:construction_worker_man: Opportunities for Builders

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I hve followed Gitcoin for a white now. The progress during a bad market is a big positive sign. & it has inspired me to register for this forum and the discord to become involved.


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