DAO focused on our mental health

Hi Guys, I’m codingsh. I have always been a very active developer but 3 months ago I had health problems, anxiety and imposter crisis among others. This made it impossible for me to do many things and fulfill commitments…

I believe this problem is not mine alone and it has hit everyone in these times of pandemic, we are more anxious or more depressed or both. My simple proposal is to create a DAO focused on our mental health, both developers and investors who freak out at the sight of the red sea when the market is confused as now with the SEC rumors behind uniswap even though I find it impossible to stop something that was born decentralized.

I have the proposal, I don’t have a necessary amount but I would like gitcoin to lead this endeavor, because financing public goods and a healthy mind makes our ecosystem scale much more.

Thanks for reading this far, let’s make it happen.