Constructing a Mutual Grants Committee

Thanks for the update!

When I was writing A BULL/BEAR case for Gitcoin/GTC in 2023 I’d not considered mutual grants in the bull case. After hearing that Uniswap is an alumni, it makes me think it should be a part of the bull case if mutual grants are prioritized again.

Please PM me if the mutual grants committee gets prioritized. I think I could help.


General Update:

Mutual Grants Committee has been paused for the time being - but the DAO is still excited about mutual grants as a vehicle to build deeper ties with ecosystem partners.

As @ceresstation mentioned - the current focus is the getting the grants protocol off the ground.

When mutual grants are re-prioritized, the committee will return with a much stronger idea of how to make the initiative even more valuable to the goals of the DAO - armed with learnings from the current batch of mutual grantees.


Hey all,

SuperModular and @ghostffcode has built something that might be interesting to yall, a tool to facilitate partnerships on Grants Stack.

The tool automates the process of

  1. viewing grants from a grants round
  2. sorting/filtering through them
  3. selecting the ones that are potentially token-swap worthy.
  4. facilitating the creation of introductions between teams
  5. (eventually, v2) facilitating an offer + counter offer process
  6. (eventually, v2) facilitating the actual partnership

We are considering (1) selling this tool to funds (2) using it ourselves (3) possibly starting a fund that uses this tool. Until we figure out product market fit we are not totally sure though.

We’ve got a working proof of concept. Here’s a demo video and the app MVP. Here is the code.

@ceresstation feel free to let us know if you’re interested in the tool! We could possibly market it together.


This is awesome, I’d love to experiment with this using a small fraction of my own time. That said, I think right now the biggest piece of work ahead of us as we head into budgeting season is building out and scaling the protocol with the community.

I do think mutual grants will be an important element of how the DAO evolves, and I think this tooling in particular could be a huge use case for Allo. By late S17 / early S18 hopefully it’ll be easier to ask to potentially allocate a pool of capital to testing this model alongside a few incubators, accelerators, and funds.


First! (Star on Github that is).

What’s the license and do you welcome other contributors?

I’m specifically thinking of a metaDAO project and their couple of contributors.



Yes other contributors are welcome.

Pls join this telegram, which we are using to coordinate the development of this software (but we are not administering any partnerships or grants in the telegram).


Just updated the repo with the license file

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Late to the party here but saw this post was getting traction and found it super interesting - thanks @ceresstation!

I had no idea mutual grant agreements were a thing that PGF has dabbled in before. I’d love to see this grow and evolve in the coming seasons and I’m definitely interested in helping out with the committee if it comes back!