Climate Coordination Network (CCN) - The future of the Climate Solutions Program

As recently summarized in the Gitcoin Governance Post (link) by DeltaJuliet and the post (link) by Sov, the Climate Solutions Round will transition to being a decentralized Community Round in the upcoming GG19 scheduled to take place November 15-29, 2023.

Introducing the Climate Coordination Network (CCN). The new decentralized Climate Solutions Program will be managed by the Climate Coordination Network — a global group composed of the former Gitcoin Climate Advisory team who have dedicated many hours to support the Climate Solutions Round over the past 18+ months. Since GR12, the Climate Solutions Round has enormously impacted the web3 Climate space. We have crowdfunded nearly $1M and distributed nearly $3.6M in funding to hundreds of projects.

Driven by the belief that climate action is the ultimate public good because climate change increasingly affects all of humanity, as well as a mission to accelerate climate action, the Climate Coordination Network is excited for the opportunity to take the Climate Solutions Program to the next level of effective and focused global impact. As an independently managed Community Round, the Climate Solutions Program will now be able to chart a more expansive course and explore new growth avenues, including becoming a legal entity, onboarding and networking new grantees from all over the world, and unlocking new funding mechanisms.

To our committed climate community around the globe: This transition will unlock new opportunities for collaboration to foster meaningful and sustainable climate action worldwide. You can look forward to closer communication and more ways to participate in the Climate Solutions Round operations in order to help navigate and shape our shared future.

To begin with, we are launching a new profile on Twitter (X): @climate_program and will be hosting spaces soon to gather community input and ideas for the future of the Climate Solutions Round. Be sure to follow us so that you can stay updated on the latest developments including revised eligibility criteria and opportunities for involvement.

Our first request for community support is in forming an advisory team that can help guide us as we formalize our team and structure. We are looking for advisors representing different blockchain enabled climate solutions use cases and geographic areas to help advance the mission of the Network. Drop a note in the comments or reach out directly if you want to get involved.

Finally, we’d like to thank Gitcoin for its commitment to addressing global challenges such as climate change and for providing the technology — e.g, Quadratic Funding, Allo, Grants Stack, Passport — that will enable a successful transition to decentralized grant funding for climate solutions. We appreciate the support of Gitcoin and all its contributors and, in the words of Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang (and the beloved Star Trek series), our wish is that we all continue to work together to “live long and prosper.”

Public Goods are Good.


Exciting times ahead, looking forward to support in any way possible. Thank you :sun_with_face::seedling:


Love the idea :green_heart:
Thanks for all this hard work


Hola Jon, awesome update would really like to get involved in the marine conservation extension :sparkles:🩵

Climate mitigation/solutions round must be a top priority; there must be more incentives to contributors, this round is so underrated, thank you so much :pray:t3::sparkles:


Sounds like a great new direction and I hope that together we find ways to involve non-Web3 people to the space. Passport made it so difficult to donate, that we decided to not bother participating in GR18.

I would make myself available to help shaping the CCN that we can also reach regular people, which have a significant impact on climate soluations, but won’t be going through all the hoops we built in our space.

Meanwhile we continue onboarding people to the 7Energy - Citizen Energy Community using Monerium EURe token and a Safe contract based system for the automated financial transactions between members. It would be great to get donations for the extensive work that has to be done for this real world use case and I very much hope that CCN can be of help there as well.


Hi Jon.

I’d love to be enrolled as part of the advisory council. I’ve coordinated the Regen Network matching donations participation for 3 years in partnership with the Climate Round, as well as I have approved project submissions in past rounds.

I would also love to see someone from Blockchain for Climate represented on the Advisory Council, so it can serve all the member organizations of that network effectively as well.

Thank you, Sarah


Love to see CCN blooming, quite excited at all the possibilities this move will unlock for all projects working at the intersection of climateXcrypto.

Happy to support with Marketing, Onboarding etc in personal capacity and via Solarpunk Dao.

LETS GROOOW regens, treegens and Solarpunks


Let’s coordinate! Count on us to spread roots and coordinate around natural commons with the global tribe :beans::seedling::bird:‍:black_large_square:


Super excited to see the Climate Program continue in a new light! You all have done incredible work and I will continue to support the program in any way I can. Cheers to new beginnings :saluting_face:


Firstly, I would like to thank Gitcoin and the former climate advisory team from the bottom of my heart for their efforts to grow the Climate Solutions Program. As a grantee myself, I can testify to the fact that Gitcoin Grants for Climate Solutions have been instrumental for projects like ours, enabling us to build with momentum.

Gitcoin Grants offer a mechanism that can support climate projects in today’s market, a place where most traditional funding mechanisms fall short. The match amount distributed during this bear market stands as a testament to the team’s and Gitcoin’s commitment to fund what truly matters.

As we aim to elevate the Climate Solutions Program, I hope to see the Gitcoin Passport become more accessible to those on the frontlines of climate change. The current scoring mechanism makes adoption challenging in these regions. I also hope we introduce more appropriate metrics to measure the impact and performance of each project. As someone who has received not only funding but also the support of a community, I am keen to dedicate my energy to advancing the network’s mission.

I believe the next chapter will add further nuance and credibility to the Climate Solutions Program. Having interacted with the team leading the CCN, I am confident the community will accelerate climate action even more. We’ll witness not only consistent growth in matching and crowdfunded amounts but also, importantly, see an increasing number of credible climate projects from around the world benefitting from Gitcoin Grants.


Congrats Jon and team! If it’d be helpful, I’d be happy to support you in thinking through the skills, background, representation, etc that you’d like present on the advisory council. It’s something I’ve done in my role as an executive coach, and would be happy to support you with. Thanks for all your incredibly hard work supporting the space!


Congrats to @jon-spark-eco and the rest of the Climate team. Looking forward to seeing this round pave the way as Gitcoin pursues progressive decentralization.

Bullish on the idea of sourcing knowledge and experience from the community. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes out.

Thanks for all the work you do to support and empower grantees working on the OG public good.


Wow! This is super exciting and great news! I’ve been steadily thrown into the Web 3 space by Carlos from @web3beach and although an advisor would be stretch I would be keen to help support where I can. I am part of a larger community of climate activists and ocean conservationists in East Africa and would love to help Gitcoin reach these communities and onboard them where I can!


Looking forward to this! Excited to see how this will impact undeserved communities in the global south as well :seedling:


Every day we wake up it seems that goal to make the world a better place in one step closer. Seeing the Climate Coordination Network is inspiring to say the very least. We are grateful to be a part of this movement with Gitcoin and the rest of the grantees.

Full on support to keep our environment clean!
Let’s grow. :herb::recycle::sparkles:


Thanks, @jon-spark-eco. The work of the CCN is critical to promoting sustainable and regenerative systems.

I am fortunate to support Astral, building on the impactful work conducted by Holly G. and John H. Our purpose is to enable spatial data to be on chain. I’d be happy to help and support your call for advisors to help achieve the mission of CCN. I’m already in the TG chat so let me know if there is another channel to support the cause.

Live long and proposer


Hi Jon.

Thanks for the write up, excited to see how this goes and we at ECORISE would love to participate in this


@jon-spark-eco @Sov tagging you both so this doesn’t get buried in your notifications. Neat @cju11 - could you share more info on ECORISE w/ the community?

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As for adivising, count on me for Brazilian perspectives on rural regeneration :wink:


Fantastic table community members. For the climate change I’ve been been working to proceed the project into global ecosystem resources from Decentralized. Because when I view this project I see is a future investment for all of us to Significant growth. And profitable around the global economy system in Private Sector"

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