August 22 - Financial Report

Gitcoin August 2022 Financial Report

Llama presents the August 2022 Financial statement for the review of Gitcoin DAO. The intention of this report is to provide the users with a detailed understanding of treasury health, monthly spending and emissions of GTC.

Gitcoin DAO - August 2022 Financial Report

Find above the Gitcoin DAO treasury report for August 2022. As with previous months, the statements are split into transactions denoted in the governance token $GTC and separate transactions in stablecoins. We have included a consolidated profit/(loss) account that translates the GTC transactions into $USD to allow for comparison in a denomination that can easily be relatable to many reading the report.


  • Total $ value of contributor rewards is down 19% MoM, which is a direct result of timing differences in payment made to contributors from differing workstreams, coupled with a depreciation of GTC token price at month end. We anticipate a slight increase in contributor spend with the inclusion of the new workstream: Gitcoin Product Collective.

  • Total Gitcoin treasury balance has decreased from July, as a result of GTC token price depreciation. However the stablecoin treasury holding has increased as a result of diversification efforts.

  • The consolidated income statement shows total contributor rewards YTD of $5.4m

We would like to ensure we are staying up to date on what Gitcoin DAO finds most valuable from a Financial reporting and analytics perspective. We have created a google form that DAO members can complete to provide comments and feedback. Please do take the time to complete this, it really helps us identify the issues key to the DAO and how we can assist in providing information to help.

Financial Reporting and Analytics Feedback

Llama Contributors: @Elliott @schlabach


@Elliott and @llama.
Thanks for the report, and for including the additional side on runway. I find the basecase identified as encouraging, even in the current bear market environment. That said, with this view you provided, we can make adjustments as needed as price and consumption fluctuates. Great work.