2,117,884 Unclaimed GTC tokens

Roughly 2.12% of the max total supply of GTC tokens were left unclaimed: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Is there already a plan in place for handling these? If not, how should they be allocated?


These will be allocated back to treasury for future use by the community.


I propose to distribute those token who contribute to system as phase 2 to encourage the contributor and also martketing to find new user to develop our systwm


I propose the unclaimed tokens are burned.


I propose the unclaimed tokens are burned


I’ve lost a lot of GTC due to the deadline.

I was in long vacation with no access to my email. The given time to claim was too short (less than a month from the deadline announcement). After checking discord, it seems that I’m not alone with this issue as well.

I hope if we could get a chance to get the tokens.


Maybe there should be a proposal on Snapshot for this.


Any existing token holder can create a snapshot vote @markop , but just keep in mind if you are proposing something like this the responsibility to execute the proposal will fall on you. We have seen this issue before, where people have great idea’s or want to create snapshot votes for “the community to do a thing” but at the end of the day this is a DAO. The responsibility to execute proposals falls on all of us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That being said, not every airdrop is perfect. The remaining funds have been sent to the DAO treasury, there will be no vote on what to do with them now as it’s entirely up to the group of Stewards to administer those funds as they see fit.

If anyone here feels strongly about organizing some kind of a “missing airdrop” compensation strategy, then become a steward and propose this to the group. Short of that, I don’t see any solution that would solve the issue.

As we know, saying “someone should do X,Y,Z” is not a plan of action that the community can get behind.


@Yalor Are you saying that only Stewards have voting power when it comes to governing the treasury?

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good idea for who unclaimed tokens are burned.

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Certainly not ! I was just commenting RE: this thread on the idea of burning the tokens or what not. The tokens are in the treasury, any GTC holder can have a vote on what to do with them, but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll burn them ( to send the price up temporarily ) I’d assume.


Sir how to claim GTC
Me have received chat with rmail

Hello Gitcoiners!

Today we launched GTC, the Gitcoin governance token. GTC will allow Gitcoin to decentralize, giving community members a voice in the future of Gitcoin, and the future of the open internet.

OUR MISSION is to enable communities to build and fund open source, digital public goods. This technology is a superpower, supporting hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity per year. But more importantly open source is the foundation for coordination tools that allow humans to work together for the common good.

The more successful we are achieving our mission, the more governance questions come up. We don’t want to make these decisions centrally, which is why we’re taking a giant leap towards decentralizing Gitcoin starting today.

Community governance

By launching GTC, we are gradually turning Gitcoin governance over to the community. Anyone who holds GTC will be able to participate in governing Gitcoin Grants, help guard Gitcoin against fraud, and decide how the Gitcoin treasury is allocated. And more!

Have you ever participated in a project on Gitcoin through Grants, Bounties, KERNEL, or Hackathons? Have you funded public goods through Gitcoin? You may have received GTC today. Find out here:

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I agree. As a person who didn’t claim his GTC, I’d rather keep it in the treasury than burning it. At least I can consider my lost GTC as contribution to open source.


I suggest we celebrate the lost tokens by buying birthday presents to members

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A lottery would be the fairest form of redistribution for current holders IMO.

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The claim window is closed. Unfortunately you missed it.


Well, I’m sorry, I was in need of a present, but it’s too late :frowning:

i’ve supported gitcoin through our grant for more than a year now.

every quarter we go through the pain and frustration of onramping non-crypto people onto your platform, always instructing donors to contribute to the maintainer grant.

less than a month to claim, with an email address tied to centralized site for storing code, is not a lot of time for some who is busy building community with people outside of crypto.

the handling of this drop makes me more angry, hopeless, traumatized and depressed the more i think about it. gitcoin not recognizing these hours of pain and frustration ive went thru onboarding dozens of non-crypto people onto their site simply reminds me of how institutions exploited mine and people like me’s labor throughout my life and throughout history.

not distributing these tokens leaves the community controlled by whales and moon boys, not the people on the ground driving adopting of open source and delivering it to those whom it can most benefit, outside of the inner circles of crypto.

if we use tokens to incentive, then i clearly have no incentive to contribute to gitcoin if they choose not only to not materially recognize our contribution, but as some suggest, to give its value away to other people simply because they claimed the token. the premise of a time limit on tokens is inherently contradictory - the time limit is arbitrary, and we already earned the tokens through our history with the platform.

i cannot in good faith continue to spend precious time and energy bringing my community if gitcoin makes no effort to return these unclaimed tokens to their rightful earners. the efforts of current holders to keep rightful earners from claiming their tokens seem motivated by greed / short term thinking and against the principles of decentralization. i’m especially critical of the cruel and unusual psychological torment and anguish premeditated by telling people how many tokens they could claim knowing that you would snatch away any tokens not claimed before the arbitrary deadline. token holders have an obvious conflict of interest in deciding this issue that the organization needs to address.


I bet they will be distributed in the best way possible and with good intentions that will benefit everyone.

Hope they can be evenly distributed amongst the members who are active.