[Workstream Suggestion: Documentation]

A documentation related workstream would be cool.
I love writing documentation (especially if its in markdown or on mediawiki).
I’m sure there are other people that would be happy to write documentation for projects

and there are many projects that need it.

Btw this is my github account (dunno why I didn’t make my account here have the same username):

Keen to meet other people who love writing documentation.


+1 Here,

Documentation is something our community always needs more, and as we scale and expand into the decentralizing Gitcoin workstream documentation is going to become paramount.

We should setup a bounty that rewards quality documentation in GTC.

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sidenote: perhaps change the topic of this thread to [Workstream Suggestion: Documentation]

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big +1 from me; this has historically been a weakness of Gitcoin’s.

@Zack @phutchins may have some thots having recently beeen pulled down our rabbit hole

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