[Workstream] Fraud Detection and Defense Working Group Assemble!

Thank you @php @wuhaisheng88 @bobjiang @leon @wyx for jumping in and joining this discussion! :pray: Invites are all updated/sent :smiley:

Which GG character are you and why? :upside_down_face:

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:books: Reading List:



And @wyx you are a hero!!! Thank you SO much for offering, we would super appreciate you recording the session - I’ve sent you an invite :pray::pray::pray:

Invited! Thank you for sharing @David_Dyor - see you there!


MEETING STARTING NOW Anti-Sybil Steward Education Workstream
Thursday, June 10 · 4:00 – 5:00pm EST
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/pcf-gmfn-yvx

:pray: Thank you so much to all who joined the meeting today!! :pray:

:notebook: Here is the Orientation Presentation from this First Session:

:bookmark_tabs: Meeting Notes:

:mega: Workstream Communications

We will continue to post major updates here on the forum but we are now chatting in the Gitcoin Discord in the :chains:sybil-defenders channel, and the grants are now being transparently reviewed in the :cowboy_hat_face:grants-review channel for those interested in that substream:

:crossed_swords: If you are interested in participating, please add which area you would like to contribute to in this Excel spreadsheet - under the column “Substream Commits: Working Group Ops & Comms, Grant Evaluations, ML/Data Science” :

@Jiajia is working on a mapping for the sub stream roles and contacts, will post when she is finished - thank you Jiajia and everyone for your interest in joining us! :pray:

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Here is a video of the meeting. My audio capture was messed up so theres no meeting audio but if you are skilled in reading lips, you will find this particularly useful.


Great meeting and getting to know everybody. Stay safe out there, and in here.

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generally against governance as thought about and practiced

WYX, thank you so much for posting this video. I couldn’t make it yesterday, so looking forward to watching!

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Great list of resources Jessica, just seeing these now - thanks for sharing!

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Hi, I’m interested in researching anti-Sybil systems

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Maybe, After I read info, btw I want to participate in this idea and how can i get it

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I’m a research engineer with relevant anti-fraud experience. I’d like to participate in this workstream.


I am a noob in this space, though I have some background in data modeling. I am and willing to learn and help.

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Very interested in this and governance of said workstream

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Hi everyone and thank you for your interest! To join the group, receive invites and participate, please fill out the spreadsheet above, review the ed workshop/orientation powerpoint above, and have a look at the reading list.

We are looking for committed stewards to support in working group ops & comms, the grant approvals review process and for those with a data science background - the ML algo/tech pipeline.

We have a meeting today at 4pm EST / 10pm CET focused on the grant approvals process and upcoming GG Round 10 - here is the agenda:

  • Review Notion Setup for Workstream
    • Overview of pipelines & objectives - Define, Detect, Evaluate, Sanction
    • How to participate in each
  • Review Grant Approval Process
    • Topology of bad grants & gray areas
    • How might we create a clear policy for GR11?
    • Separating PLATFORM from ECOSYSTEM
    • Q & A
  • Review Sybil Attack Mitigation Process
    • Topology of Attacks
    • Preventative Measures
      • Minimum Contribution Amount
      • Trust Bonus Requirement
  • Open Discussion - Potentially a 10 minute Mural brainstorm
    • What are the high impact, low difficulty adjustments we could make to improve the legitimacy of Gitcoin Grants?
    • What do you think we could do better or different for DEFINE, DETECT, EVALUATE, SANCTION pipelines?
    • What would a healthy and organized workstream look like?

Next Tuesday, 9am EST / 3pm CET we will have a 2nd educational workshop/orientation for the ML pipeline.

Again, please indicate your interest/experience/etc. on the spreadsheet.

Have a lovely day and look forward to working with you all!


Meeting starting now


I’m sorry I was in unable to make the meeting. Is there a recording?

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No worries :smiley: Yes, Joe recorded - I am working with him to get that up and will post here - thank you for asking and will follow up on Discord as well :pray: