[Workstream] dApp *Prototyping* (the Moonshot Collective)

Moi de méme je propose mon engagement a l’avençement de ce grand projet .

Early in my building career, very interested in contributing when possible.

very exciting about this!!! thanks for this

im new to the community but im doing as much research as i can to get up to update with the current state of the project , i just started to learn to code and feel that gitcoin is a very ambitious project with lots of potential. i feel that i can contribute to a cause i can believe in now.

I strongly believe gitcoin should have a educational platform built into its ecosystem, to help ambitious newbies that are genuinely excited. (nevermind it looks like you guys already have that) you guys are 10 steps ahead

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I’m definitely interested in this projcect!

:wave: Founder of Truffle here. I’m in.


Please count me in for this. I am super interested in this

good idea, keep do well for you work guys

i would love to participate in this beautiful project. here and incredibly thankful for this corner of the metaverse.

I want to be a part of the team,thanks.

Hey everyone, the kickoff call for this workstream is tomorrow at 12pm MST. Sign up at https://moonshotcollective.space/ to get the calendar invite :slight_smile:

Agenda below:

:mega: We are the GitcoinDAO rapid prototyping workstream. Our deep reason for being is to accelerate innovation by

  • supporting rapid prototyping in the space :hammer_and_wrench:
  • help builders build moonshots :rocket:
  • to create fellowship for web3 builders :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
  • to HAVE fun while doing it. :black_joker:

:vulcan_salute: Agenda:

  1. G&A (5-10 min)
  2. Moonshot Pitches (40 mins)
  3. Moonshart Celebrations (10 min)
  4. Chat, Chillin’, Shillin

:woman_astronaut: Prep Work:

  1. Please enter your moonshot pitch into https://sli.do (code MOONSHOT) prior to the call.
  2. Got any moonSHARTS (failed projects)? Come prepared to share the story of how they failed & what you learned!

:bulb: Slide Deck: Moonshot Collective Call 0x0 - 7/26/2021 - Google Slides

:calendar: Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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:family_man_woman_girl_girl: First call was awesome!

:page_with_curl: TLDR here: https://twitter.com/austingriffith/status/1419748329034944520?s=20

:mega: But now we need help!

🧑‍🚀 We need someone to help with general ops, meetings, making sure things get completed. We are messy, busy builders, halp! (DMs open: @austingriffith on t/t)

🧙‍♂ We also need someone that could work with me to maintain and push forward the MoonshotCollective.space website. We need a better way to coordinate ( :earth_americas: :man_astronaut: :gun: 🧑‍🚀 )… so this might be a fun build.

:point_right: Start here by getting a local build up and running, then ping me:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: I will stream ETH to you for your help!


Hey, adding this as workstream updates item for August Stewards call happening today - August 2nd at 4pm UTC

Agenda doc

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I was looking in the site and didn’t find the date about the call. Just found out this. So next call will be the 2nd of Sept?

The Monthly steward syncs are scheduled on the first Monday of each month so the next one will be on the 6th of September.

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Good. It looks great! This is interesting!

It seemed to be a great idea, and everyone was eager to join in, including me

Recording of the first Moonshot Call is here! GitcoinDAO / Moonshot Collective 0x0 - YouTube


Just found out about this but I am joining Telegram and Trello now, super excited!

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