[Workstream] dApp *Prototyping* (the Moonshot Collective)

I’m in! Ideamarket can be used to fund public goods.


looking forward to contribute , thank you learned lot using scaffold eth

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nicee one . hope this more good


Its will be big it’s just a beginning for gitcoin :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Victor here from UNICEF Office of Innovation working on Digital Public Goods: https://digitalpublicgoods.net. It would be good to align and join efforts :wink:


Good to see you here @lacabra we’d love to collab more, have you signed up to be a steward yet?

I quite agree with your views and projects, hope can be successful cooperation.

Thanks @ceresstation: Yes, I just did, though I see that the doodle for the Stewards call is closed. Has a time been chosen, and if so will it be possible to join the call?

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I like your idea very much. Come on, man!

awesome job sir, iam with you ,iam interested with this project

I am interested in any zero carbon project.

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I am an explorer and practitioner of new organizational models and have many years of experience in blockchain project design and would like to participate in this work steam。
I believe: living complex systems are based on simple rules and bottom-up evolution


He nice to be part of the new projects.

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@austingriffith and @owocki I’d love to be involved — have been thinking a ton about a new kind of mechanism for funding public goods — kind of a decentralized philanthropic foundation which is a combination of social impact bonds/superforecasting/prediction market/crowdfunding/donor-advised fund.

Recently I raised a non-profit’s first $2m of funding and found it to be a pretty terrible experience. I’d like to help make it so that making is more properly aligned with doing good in the world — not only should doing good/useful stuff be a way to get rich, it should be the only way to get rich!

I’ve cared about this for a long time — see e.g. this hackernews comment from 8 years ago: Maybe we can set up our economic system such that the only way to make profit is... | Hacker News


  • Former YC founder with strong skills in product & software engineering
  • Have been following Ethereum since its original whitepaper
  • Have read tens of thousands of lines of solidity

Would love to be part of this project !
Let’s go !

Hey guys! First off, love the energy of the entire community! I’m here from the Pitch Competition hosted on Gitcoin. I want to pitch a solution to the ever growing demand for funding of public goods.

My official pitch can be found here: Quadratic Funding for public goods - Google Docs

Hopefully you like it! I’m a noob though, still have a lot to learn😅

Hey Everyone! :grinning: Really excited at the opportunity to get involved in the public goods workstream.

In response to this challenge I proposed an idea that brings the power of DApps & DeFi to enhance local communities.

The idea sparked from a recent small community project which I was involved in that unfortunately was cancelled due to lack of funding availability.

And that was when the light bulb went on in my head. DAPP + DEFI!!! :grin:

Please check out my proposal and let me know your thoughts and feedback!
MoneyBox - Community Crowdfunding Proposal - Google Docs

This workstream is awesome and happy to be part of it.

@melvin and @ivanmolto teamed in the Pitch Competition - Fund Public Goods using Ethereum Technology

We are very interested to get exposure to some DAOs and here we are at Gitcoin DAO.
Here was our pitch: Raise_Your_Voice - Google Docs

Our pitch was based on voice credits/tokens… and Gitcoin DAO has done it! There is no better way than GTC to “raise your voice”. But that just the beginning!

We are interested in building a quadratic voting dApp and build and explore the prediction markets as a way of futarchy governance.

See it as a mix of voice tokens (here GTC), Snapshot, Workstreams, and prediction markets.

Guessing we could start by experimenting with prediction markets around Gitcoin DAO votes?

Please feel free to share your insights. Thank you!

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Hi Austin,

I love your idea about the prototyping, and I would like to join this workstream if still space.

Hi, love this idea and i want join this workstream if it’s possible