Work with BlockScience on Sybil/Collusion Resistance for QF

If you are reading this then you are invited to join the weekly data science working sessions on collusion resistance for Quadratic Funding . Details here

Other collateral on QF collusion resistance thats come out of this so far:

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priceless!! I was going to ask about it.
Happy to receive so many valuable resources.
I want to dig into this documentation before I join the next session/group task force.

For the records, I had a good conversation with the Proof of Humanity team who is also in close collab with BrightID. this is one of the greatest combined efforts to solve the issue.
Iā€™m happy to burn some neurons together with the team :wink:


Super excited to work with the Gitcoin team and community as a part of block science :heartpulse: