Will ETH eventually surpass BTC?

ETH great potential ,if congestion is solved,will he surpass BTC? Say what you :thinking:


Looking at all the products associated with ETH, I do feel there are great potential when the blockchain further improves.

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Io penso che BTC sarà sempre davanti a ETH.
Non ci fa guadagnare la capitalizzazione ma il potenziale di un cripto.
Significa che BTC sarà sempre la più scambiata e quindi resterà la prima, anche come valore nominale, ma ETH in continua evoluzione ha un potenziale ancora superiore.

Lol…it won’t because btc still has more usecase than eth

Really? What are these use cases than aren’t existing in eth?
I already assume that Ethereum is “surpassing” Bitcoin. As an analogy, I see Bitcoin like the discovery of electricity while Ethereum would be the equivalent of the national grid allowing all the devices we have in our homes today.


I don’t think so, everything may be.

ETH has the potential to compete with BTC since its quickly growing and has many new projects associated with it. As soon as more places start to accept it like they accept BTC, I think there will be a big boom in ETH, definitely giving it a chance of being on the same level.

I think BTC don’t have compets at all. Because it’s decentralised coin without beneficiary. That is what does BTC the main coin on the market.

Sono perfetamente daccordo con te :v:t4: :v:t4: