What should a Marketing SideDAO look like?

About a week ago, @owocki posted about what Gitcoin’s decentralised ecosystem could look like one day.

It looks more like this now:

Let’s discuss how these Marketing SideDAOs could / should look!

How should they be designed? What are the most important metrics to consider? Any ideas for Marketing SideDAOs?

Link to OP: https://twitter.com/owocki/status/1704521512462807157


Good question…

I have been deciphering this graphic myself to better understand how we can accelerate the process of decentralization without any significant compromise during that process and period in time.

To me it seems that security is the number one issue hindering the growth of the ecosystem right now. The ability to game or manipulate the grants system from both the grantees or donors perspective needs to be addressed prior to further scalability or decentralization processes taking place.

That being said the ability to create a hub for sub daos is an excellent idea :bulb: to build in a more efficient model for network development on Gitcoin.

Each of the core components needs to operate in a way that they all can still have clear lines of communication in order to pull off mass coordination efforts.
Which is part of the reason why it’s so easy for all of the teams to coordinate right now. A majority of the ecosystem is managed by the same group of people. But centralization comes with a risk that is controlled by a majority stakeholder, or one person as opposed to the community. Sometimes there is ill intent, and these centralized entities are not necessarily looking out for the better good or best interests of the entire community.

It’s important to take into consideration all these different variables when moving forward and create a solid structure of mechanics that all work simultaneously with one another.

One thing I thought about is that maybe it might be an option for gitcoin to have their own layer two chain like Optimism utilizing the OP stacks technology.

It would make a lot of sense is especially if networks like PGN are also using the same technology that would make it easier to bridge funds back-and-forth for donations in different rounds, as well as manage each of these sub Dao tooling mechanisms on a protocol that is dedicated to gitcoin specifically.


@Jimi hello how are you. hope your doing good


Thank you for the thoughtful reply, Igli!

Good point about compromises.

Security is key & sub/ side DAOs should maintain best security practices too.

Love the idea of a hub for developing these.

Communication is key, so is looking out for public good.

Last round made me love L2s :green_heart:

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I’m good now thanks Giri! You?

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thanks for the post jimi!

im interested in working with the community in baking a subdao architecture that works for gitcoin at some point, but right now that priorities are more around product/protocol adoption. i imagine after that (finger in the air, my guess is in 18-36 months), itll be the right time to refocus on gitcoin’s decentralization + subdao architecture is part of that.

until then, if you want to do marketing on behalf of gitcoin, maybe submit a GCP? the GCP process is fully baked today. you could call whatever entity is ratified by GCP a sidedao if you want :slight_smile:

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