What my delegate is doing?

If any hour spent needs $1 earned, then I have a pretty negative balance to research the answer on my own…

I remember some time ago (years?) I’ve delegated my gitcoins to some fella. My trust and encouragement were put into words that spoke to me from the pages of this forum. The time had passed, and years later I wondered - what happened to this fella, what is he or she is doing? How was the experience of taking the responsibility and going on with the stewardship? And the most puzzling question - who was that person?


Hey @abitrolly

you can get all Gitcoin stewards here (with their scores) → https://www.daostewards.xyz/

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Nice. But how to know who is mine?

That. is a fundamentally awesome question. The power to hold your delegate accountable means you need to 1) easily be able to identify the delegate and 2) view the results of their votes. Without a lot of blockchain knowledge. I would add a number 3) able to square stated principles with actual votes (but that might be too progressive for the moment).
@abitrolly - I don’t know the easiest way to do this myself, but I will use your case to write up a quick “how to” doc. Give me a couple days?


you can login Tally https://www.tally.xyz/
to check your delegation.

E.g here is mine Tally | bobjiang.eth | GitcoinDAO | KB5 🌱 | ENS


Sure. Take your time. I will be happy to test. My expectation was to find this info from two clicks starting with https://gitcoin.co