What did Supermodular build in the Gitcoin ecosystem?

Last week I announced that Supermodular would now become Buildbox and I would be leaving the company. More details on why do that here .

I just wanted to drop a note on the forum and show off some of the builds that we did in the Gitcoin ecosystem (many permissionless builds because Gitcoin’s protocols were in scope for us as a ReFi incuabator, but also a few of these we did through a MSA with Gitcoin too).

Supermodular BUIDL list :

In the last 14 months… we’ve done 46 different experiments together. Here’s the full list, but read on to see the experiments we were particularly excited about.

Software Projects

A few software projects we’ve built, stimulated, or incubated:

Built on When Name Desc Link
PGN Q2 2023 Bridge Bridge for the Public Goods Network Go
PGN Q2 2023 Docs We created the initial scaffold for the docs Go
Allo Q2 2023 QuadraticLenster.xyz Quadratic tipping via quadratic funding rounds on Lens Protocol Go
Allo Q2 2023 Funding.Social See who you’re following on lens + who they contribute to on Gitcoin Go
Passport Q2 2023 Passport Gated Airdrop Tool A forkable tool to allow anyone to airdrop a token gated by Gitcoin Passport Go
Allo/Passport Q2 2023 Grants-ETL a tool to make pulling data for anti sybil/collusion easier. Go
Allo Q1 2023 Quadratic Yeeter a tool to create a Grants Stack round in 1 click Go
Allo Q1 2023 Gitcoin Grants crowdfunder a tool to make a crowdfunding aqueduct into Gitcoin Grants Go
Allo Q1 2023 Gitcoin Grants data vis an easy way to visualize Gitcoin QF rounds crowdfund data structure. Go
Allo Q1 2023 Partnership Protocol An easy way to see the top grants round projects + get in touch with them for partnership/BD folks. Go
Hypercerts Q1 2023 GiveGratitude.io a tool for easily minting hypercerts to show appreciation for coworkers Go
Allo Q1 2023 Economic Graph Generator A tool to visualize Economic Graphs on top of Allo Protocol Go
Allo Q1 2023 Quadratic Honey an experimental mobile-first QF webapp built for ETHDenver Go
Q3 2023 (on roadmap) Optimism RPGF Discovery & Voting Tool A tool for doing RetroPGF project voting Go


What about non-software stuffs?


  1. Produced Greenpill podcast - a podcast that features 150 diff industry leaders on things like public goods funding, sybil resistance, pluralism, and digital democracy.
  2. Created Greenpill.network - a network-society that exports regenerative digital infrastructure to the world, with active local chapters in 15 locations worldwide (India, Colorado, Japan, Suriname, West Africa, etc). We have plans for Greenpill.network to be more Gitcoin aligned in Q2/Q3. Read about them here.
  3. Been active participants in the Gitcoin, Hypercerts, and web3 educational ecosystems.
  4. We run QF Rounds!
    1. Metacrisis Round
    2. MetaCamp QF Round
    3. Greenpill QF Round
    4. Future rounds in the works too :slight_smile: