Weekly Update (June 4th): Decentralize Gitcoin

Community Status & Updates
- Will be scheduling first community call aiming for the week of June 14th (keep an eye out here for more information on how to join this call and listen in)
- I am out of office next week so there will be no community update until June 18th
Decentralization Architecture Proposal Creation Status
- Proposal is taking shape and a few weeks out from completion
- Beginning on initial contract design for prototype
- Solid understanding of current system and what carries over to a decentralized system vs what does not
- Digging in to performance implications of various proposed solutions
- Where can we reuse existing code and projects
- Where can we contribute to existing projects to move us all forward in this space as a side effect of our efforts on this project
Next Steps
- I will begin hacking on a prototype of the system